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April 1st YouTube Reporting Change

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April 1st YouTube Reporting Change AdSense in English 5/17/13 2:28 PM

Hi YouTube publishers!

Up until now, YouTube calculated revenues for partners using two systems: on the YouTube side and on the AdSense side. Beginning April 1, revenue will be calculated entirely on the YouTube system which better accommodates complex and custom payment scenarios. This means that YouTube will be better able to calculate revshare percentages, which will help correct overpayments in complicated claiming scenarios. Partners with complex payment scenarios may see their payments for April fluctuate from past months. 

A secondary component of this change is to our reporting offerings. As of April 1, all AdSense earnings reporting will only be managed at YouTube Analytics and in downloadable reports in CMS. The AdSense reporting interface will no longer display detailed information on YouTube related estimated performance; earnings shown for the AdSense for Content Host property will be $0 starting April 1 in the AdSense reporting interface. 

Going forward, please refer to YouTube Analytics for detailed estimated earnings information. AdSense will continue to pay out YouTube earnings. You can learn more about this change in the YouTube Partners & Creators Blog.

Additionally, your YouTube earnings will be added to your AdSense account between the 10th and 14th of the month.   


The Google AdSense Team