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No video thumbnail choices DickinsonDulcimer 4/26/15
Uploads are taking an insanely long time. JohnDanzJr 4/24/15
Youtube Editor won't finish processing zEropoint68 4/24/15
Why is YouTube Uploading so slow? d1mebagdarrell 4/23/15
Why cant I log into youtube from my iPhone to upload a video? tigerscout 4/22/15
Youtube Editor: Favor original audio button AllThingsBling4U 4/21/15
Audio or Video problems with your upload? ytDavid 4/20/15
Youtube won't let me change video thumbnail slorn 4/7/14
Why Acromax GmbH banes my videos,although they have not something from this company.:( I will delete my YT accounts.:( SimpleSongContest 1/3/14
Illegal copyright claim by [Merlin] Phonofile TheMoonCheese 12/12/13
Why is there is no thumbnail and the video did not convert to HD? newschoolfps 11/25/13
Horrible artifacts caused by YouTube audio compression algorithm cohler59 10/23/13
"Increase your limit" link does not show up anywhere on the upload page VirtualStataMind 10/12/13
Oops! Something went wrong: This functionality is not available right now. MrAustinFTW 9/16/13
Activate rejected video (too long) after account has been verified camorais 9/7/13
I am getting the "The server has rejected the file" error TaruTaruKirbs 9/1/13
My video will not process when I am trying to upload. It is a .wmv file - what can I do to make this work? derek_cfc 8/24/13
Your video settings could not be saved: Failed saving monetization options htaylor99 8/22/13
Re: Slow Processing? Look here (unknown) 8/21/13
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