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Uploading videos

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How do I get a video back that i deleted about an hour ago? ShadowKing397 8/26/16
Cant upload video because of network problem? cookie inthebox 8/26/16
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Why Aren't My Images Showing Up In YouTube Video Editor? Overseer Doge 8/26/16
How can I upload an .HPF file? If I need to convert it, how can I do that? TheOne _ XX 8/26/16
how to remove copyright claim from my video? Own work Channel 8/26/16
my channel says it has 1 video but it really has 3 videos please help thanks Jay Jects 8/26/16
Is it possible to force YouTube to encode my videos in vp9 rather than AVC? Daniel Yeomans 8/26/16
New to Youtube. Need advice for my Youtube channel. Yung Omoishi 8/26/16
First Video upload for business - related videos issue MarkyMarkJones 8/26/16
My video is stuck processing. Lubert The Great 8/26/16
My video is stuck at 0% JenikaJiana Shah 8/26/16
How To Link To Latest Uploaded Video? HalpMePlzAnChz 8/26/16
I David Fabela 8/26/16
Deleted video MASS Aquariumsi no longer get emails when comments 8/26/16
Uploading videos on day and not finding them the next Michelle Barrera 8/26/16
Why is "Details" in file "Properties" being removed by YouTube? Michael J Ramada 8/26/16
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