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Uploading videos

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How do I Convert Adobe Premiere 14 Videos to usable documents for upload? Adobe Premeire 10:33 AM
YouTube terminating my videos because it's staff doesn´t understand sarcasm. Tribo Luminiscente 9:36 AM
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Parody/Education Terms Sketchy? Dozerbeatz 11:45 AM
!!!Slowly converted!!! PCMadness 8:47 AM
youtube uploader and localhost problem rolens 7:22 AM
Are the Age-restricted video it can contain sexual activity without nude or nu!! Basim Lim 2:27 PM
This topic has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
Youtube video editor is not working properly PrathzRailLover #WDP Bhau 3:39 AM
Can i get my account back? Omdat Het Kan 3:39 AM
What is the maximum file size i can upload to youtube? tim jones 16 6:28 AM
When to post video while adsense account waiting for approval Vanilla Bean 2:08 AM
Featured video didn't show up on my videos Ultimate History of Videogames 1:49 AM
Channel terminated Ubuntu Podcast 8:21 AM
Can't upload my video SamuraiScorpio 4:03 PM
The error message sez I have a connection problem with the server. SamuraiScorpio 10:20 AM
I Can't upload a video...don't know why... The Arcan Players 3:51 AM
Stupid YouTube is disabling the sound of my game videos !!! Assen Doychinoff 8:13 AM
YouTube Dislike "Bots" - How do I get rid of them? Andrew Gildner 3:47 AM
YouTube Editor is taking FOREVER to process my video Telace BaL 5/30/16
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