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Uploading and managing videos

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Why does Youtube downgrade the definition of my uploaded videos? Erik Sanabria 4/15/14
I have made a project on sony vegas how do i upload it to youtube Daily Mezha 4/15/14
Youtube's Viewing History isn't updating. DarkMaximo324 4/15/14
I've been waiting for more than 2 days for my video to upload. Polly Smith 4/15/14
Hello, I'm trying to upload a video, but it says I have to wait 5669 minutes, what can I do? Polly Smith 4/15/14
False copyright strike! Clumpypoo CP 4/15/14
i cant edit the people in my private video aharon tomer 4/15/14
My video Stedal1978 4/15/14
Video stuck in edit Stedal1978 4/15/14
My video stuck Stedal1978 4/15/14
Youtube Editor is not available JonZ1730 4/15/14
Youtube Account Terminated Jenny Platt 4/15/14
False Copyright Claim - How to Send Evidence? HSPP 4/15/14
I need to change my phone number in video and don't want loose view count. joe fontain 4/15/14
I need to change my phone number in my video and I don't want to lose view count. joe fontain 4/15/14
Processing Stuck at 0% Annasophia Morgan 4/15/14
Viewing a video while still processing (after upload is complete) swoods79 4/15/14
How long should this take or how do I stop it? Dave Van Etten 4/15/14
Mes "Vidéos mises en ligne" ont disparues Pikuto 4/15/14
How do I access an account I've been authorised as manager of? Tom Sunderland 4/15/14
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