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How to report someone on youtube??? waterandice11 7/14/13
My YouTube Channel is Not Available. How can I fix this? Hibbett 7/14/13
Sharing videos to Facebook not working christophernejman 7/14/13
"Use old embed code" option no longer displays FloortjeLee 7/13/13
What happens to Unlisted videos that are on a Public Playlist? abrahamchapman 7/8/13
Remove share button at the end of the video matsku 7/7/13
Can't change my video's license to Creative Commons Attribution Shal123 6/30/13
Thumbnails on facebook not appearing when posting a link??? OBSB83 6/30/13
I'm banned from a subscribing to a youtube channel, How can I find out what I did wrong? frenchy128 6/29/13
We aren't just losing invalid or idle account SUBS - There's a glitch; I've proved it. JesusfreakPC 6/29/13
How to see total playlist views. invisifly2 6/28/13
[Update] Friends and Subscriptions Merge - addressing feedback YT Kendall 6/25/13
Bug Report: Sharing private clips on YouTube doesn't work anymore stupidutube 6/22/13
Won't let me 'Share Link' - once I have clicked on Share and then Facebook link. LFZBizLdy 6/20/13
Help! Cannot Sync Facebook and Youtube Accounts... _Marlo 9/18/13
Clicking "Share" and nothing happens? YT Natalie 6/14/13
How can I share a private playlist? galacticresonance 6/13/13
Channel Views where has it gone ? andypost 6/12/13
How can I hide my age on my YouTube profile? s.e.monsour 6/9/13
[Update] Friends/Subscription Merge - a tour! YT Kendall 6/9/13
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