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I've closed my youtube account. IS THAT WHY ALL THE COMMENTS I EVER MADE is 0 ? quiteconfused1234 8/10/12
Uploading a radio interview on YouTube from an archived Mp3 link MJ ULTRA 8/10/12
How do I get rid of "Search instead for ______"? jayfresha 8/17/12
Adding Videos to Playlists by URL is broken in IE8 nsputnik 8/9/12
youtube messaging beefcurtains87 8/9/12
Sharing Youtube's content legality Judgine 8/9/12
If someone try to find my name or vids they get no results. Herodice 8/9/12
video tidak bisa diputar bila video trsbt diuload sktr thn 2012 bulan juli? ayak 8/9/12
i Need some help please FogsFles 8/9/12
DMCA counter-notice successful but strike still there ixfd64 8/18/12
Remove option in history & search history showing err."Sorry, an error occured" MajidHussain 4/16/13
Why can't I send more than 2 or 3 videos, it says u sent to many? twinsinger 8/8/12
How can i subscribe to my YouTube Watch Later List via RSS Ulquiorra Lawliet 8/8/12
certain function on page (About, Share, Add To) not doing anything. tristan eldritch 8/8/12
Hacked and deleted account TylerWarr 9/23/12
partage de youtub a facebook impo lamca 8/8/12
Inbox messed up with code... Please help? Benad361 8/9/12
I dont get email notifications challengers 8/8/12
I'm confused as to why my video was removed Mimi... 8/22/12
Embedding videos in a site that collects a membership fee indagation 8/8/12
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