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YouTube Capture September James 10/22/16
Suspended Account due to non-compliance Terms of Use KNA 10/22/16
I am not getting Ad free content Isaac Bancroft 10/22/16
I am not getting Ad free content Isaac Bancroft 10/22/16
My Videos are missing from Video Editor and new video uploads are not showing up [email address] 10/22/16
Strange graphical glitched when a video is paused Matthew Pollitt 10/22/16
Option to disable HD 60fps and drop back down to 30fps at HD resolutions anne9660 10/22/16
Account in Good Standing But Monetization still Disabled Ali Jewel 10/22/16
Cimplaint against view A R Production 10/22/16
My account has been suspended Retno Budiyanti 10/22/16
All my videos lost they're recent views i didn't buy any views all organic Allen The Geek 10/22/16
Unable to sign in, Youtube can't verify Mike VG 10/22/16
help KidtoKidsMinecraft 10/22/16
View count reset AlucardsQuest 10/22/16
i can't find my playlist on youtube putri dwi 10/22/16
Why Is My Video automatically being muted once it's upload and how do I fix that Renee Sullivan 34 10/22/16
why safari will not play youtube videos since upgrading to sierra os Derrick Humphrey 10/22/16
Slow upload and processing failed AlexandraA1234 10/22/16
YouTube message: Upload failed: Can't process file dirkwierenga 10/22/16
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