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Space bar pauses the video when I'm trying to leave a comment. kinknur 5:58 AM
difficulty commenting on videos, it says I have to open nee channel keep trying not getting anywhere Rosin Martinez-Feliciano 5:55 AM
Sorry, we could not log you in at this time. Please try again later. --- stuck at this for a month daniel0731ex 5:35 AM
no ads isobel bowers 5:29 AM
I need to remove / delete "Liked Playlists", but I have no option to do so. Judit Juhasz 5:23 AM
youtube upload processing stuck Problem Rokib hasan 5:17 AM
Uploaded video, shows this video is set to private in video manager Malakai_UK 5:03 AM
Can't like youtube videos help? Battle Turtle 5:02 AM
Youtube Application Nogago 4:44 AM
Page refreshes after rating a comment or clicking Show more in comment section Yuri Bryzgalov 4:41 AM
it takes too long processing video mewsofia barros 4:33 AM
Playlist Autoplay not working again *IN FULL-SCREEN* Rokeugon 4:32 AM
500 internal server error Cenk Paşa 4:16 AM
no ads isobel bowers 4:05 AM
YouTube video won't process. Stuck on 0% oWiseOne 3:52 AM
2012 Sony Bravia HX850 New YouTube for TV unstable nstylin777 3:52 AM
how to contact youtube regarding estimated views never added to public view count andalous 3:50 AM
ALL UPLOADS STUCK AT 0% PROCESSING! Teach Boom Beach - nickatnyte 3:45 AM
كيف ارسل فيديو الى اليوتيوب osama siad 3:43 AM
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