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Playing and watching videos

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Welcome to the YouTube Help Forum Daniel - Community Manager 11/4/15
Hello YouTube Red! YouTube Help Forum 11/27/15
Video started playing back the video from a few minutes ago, audio continues Katherine Kelley 11/27/15
Where did the YouTube Data API v2 go? ytDangler 10/16/15
How to troubleshoot and report playback issues ytKARL 12/18/14
VIdeos will not play on Youtube! Singia Jones 12:10 PM
Video blocked in the us. Clncere 11:11 AM
why my YouTube suddenly not wrking on my phone 2wks ago lilibeth suplito 9:57 AM
why my YouTube suddenly not wrking on my phone 2wks ago lilibeth suplito 9:57 AM
connection to server lost rajesh narang 9:56 AM
Youtube dont charge in my devices Apple Yees Sanchez 9:31 AM
Youtube Dimension smaller than Resolution Maarten Smits 9:24 AM
Unable to watch , missed programmes Donna1967 8:26 AM
Youtube is not playing the movie from my MacBook ? Kunduz Aitikeeva 8:12 AM
Youtube videos lags/slow video down Megumi Maruyama 8:07 AM
Using a video to promote a product on my website Tamir Bashkin 7:58 AM
เกิดปัญหาขณะเล่น Danai Horthet 7:49 AM
have a new samsung 4k tv but i cannot get it to play youtube in 4k. nephi jahn 7:27 AM
HTML5 Video Playback Not Working Hank Hill Bring The ProPain 7:10 AM
YouTube has no save option at all IAMBADBOY 17 7:03 AM
People are viewing are video but the view bar is'nt going up Barrys Page 6:57 AM
No sound on music video playback Derek Hill3 6:30 AM
was on page 1 yt search for weeks, over night lost all my ranking N/R, why!!! helpmw tttt 5:02 AM
Subscription notifications: How to remove them? Pinnacular 3:51 AM
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