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Playing and watching videos

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Black screen on player issues ytKeane 12:19 PM
Crashing on the YouTube for Android app ytDangler 3/19/14
"My Subscriptions" feed jumping/not loading for you in the newest YouTube iOS app? ytDangler 3/17/14
New look for YouTube site, playlist and guide updates ytKeane 2/20/14
Unable to use the mobile version of YouTube on your device's browser? ytDangler 8/15/13
"Unsupport video format" and "This action isn't allowed" error messages in the YouTube Android app ytDangler 7/30/13
How to report an issue with YouTube on your smart TV YTJennie 6/21/13
Are you over 18 but can't view age-restricted videos in the YouTube iOS app? ytDangler 5/16/13
Update: Videos Not Buffering While Paused ytKARL 6/4/13
Unable to play your video on mobile devices? ytDangler 6/6/13
Video quality on the Xbox 360 ytDangler 12/22/11
YouTube video upload problem losing frames and becomes pixelated Micah Mahaffey 4:34 PM
Disable Recommended on youtube. Dan Flores 4:07 PM
Youtube fullscreen closing issue Khanmanlol 4:01 PM
Video Audio Keeps Playing After I Go To Another Page dsguy411 3:55 PM
All videos on YouTube suddenly jumpy/choppy Laura de Feyter 3:51 PM
gcvbn, Elfoua Mostafa 3:49 PM
pornographic content Stanislaus Sudaryadi 3:38 PM
Why have all my favorites, subs and playlists disappeared? Lucy 3:30 PM
"Don't be evil" I am told is Google's motto. Frank Sacksen 2:58 PM
download Elvis Rafael Catalan 2:55 PM
let it go is stuck at 191,409,001 views anonymous 123456789 2:54 PM
Videos keep shaking! Morag C-H 2:54 PM
samsumg s3 android video oynatma sorunu Şeyda Okur Q 4:02 PM
Cannot Remove Videos From Any Playlist LordIce 2:31 PM
this happened to me last night, and still not working, but everything else is, iTunes, etc etc etc Aidan Tavendale 2:00 PM
Playlists not playing all songs dlxHazedxlb 1:47 PM
Why can't I see YouTube Description, Like or Dislike Buttons, Share or "Add to" Buttons? Icarus91 1:12 PM
no audio on youtube videos Terry Fugate 12:52 PM
Watch later feature etoven 12:52 PM
YouTube not showing like,dislike button and description? idk just a random name 12:47 PM
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