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Playing and watching videos

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Where did the YouTube Data API v2 go? ytDangler 7/28/15
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Is anyone else having problems with youtube after installing windows 10? Alyssa Cooke 8:22 PM
How do I change the bar at the bottom of the video? Scorcher Skydive 8:05 PM
YouTube recommendations list MrDylan Greer 7:58 PM
Why can't I see any comments on Youtube ? Samantha Seepersad 7:27 PM
301 + in an hour (same with friends) Sarcastic Sirius 7:23 PM
Stuck in html5, cant change back to flash in firefox Axelskull 7:20 PM
Copyright claim by eOne UGC is false and misleading nz family 7:09 PM
The scrubing functionality doesn't work with videos in the redesign. Arvin Clarito 5:58 PM
restricted mode won't turn off? splashderp derp 5:28 PM
Play playlist backwards Alchemic Tempest 5:25 PM
Black Screen on some videos in newest Chrome ytcrschmidt 5:23 PM
red/magenta tint to uploaded videos rachel2233 4:43 PM
I need help retrieving the audio to my video. Ido Citrin 4:33 PM
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