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Watching videos

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Why is audio at least 5 seconds out of sync only when casting? Garlapse 4/28/16
where the hell are my playlists Harrison Foster 4/28/16
How do I make my video the same again?? ภคภยт๏ ยzยмคкเ 4/28/16
it does not show a appel decison for my strike Joel Madrigal 4/28/16
you tube no abre con datos en Sony c4 Nestor Daniel Dominguez Vazquez 4/28/16
Youtube lags on chrome with high speed settings. Logan Grier 4/28/16
Video shrinks inside player after switching tabs? Jess Sun 4/28/16
Need help sidiq hayat 4/28/16
Link Approval Rodney Keen 4/28/16
Youtube videos verry verry slow buffering... eventhough 1gig/sec internet speed. Joedy Pisarski 4/28/16
I'm the Dragonforce drummer, could you please unblock my drum cover of our song? geeanzalone 4/28/16
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