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Playing and watching videos

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Video started playing back the video from a few minutes ago, audio continues Katherine Kelley 12:48 PM
[Issue investigation] Audio and video are out of sync on Android devices Daniel - Community Manager 10/7/15
Where did the YouTube Data API v2 go? ytDangler 9/28/15
How to troubleshoot and report playback issues ytKARL 12/18/14
Facebook posts Jazz Mandolin 1:11 PM
Why are likes frozen on my channel but dislikes are still working? Guru Bal 1:10 PM
Video removed for no reason Acrux Beta 1:06 PM
Full Screen goes black after a few seconds of the video playing Alexia Grace 12:57 PM
Is it possible to search in captions? Jaruše Kolovratová 12:35 PM
Firefox freezes when playing YouTube videos while logged into my account. Tyrone Barnes 12:33 PM
Every time I get a video ad, It's always the same ad TheApertureCoder 12:23 PM
What Am I Doing Wrong? Widzey 12:18 PM
why i cant use Youtube? 赵素素 12:09 PM
Copyright Claim on the song from the music library! Denis Den 11:46 AM
Youtube does not play video it show some error.it happens on youtube androud app deepaksoni2007 11:32 AM
Youtube freezes when put in full screen/when loading. Only sound is heard. GCLU 11:32 AM
What's up with the new commercial clips that is as long as regular movies. Mehrzad Solgy 11:03 AM
Video rejected to due Terms of Use; need rejection removed Nala2013 10:42 AM
Allow 1080p quality on iPhone 6 or later Tuấn Nguyễn Trọng 10:34 AM
My youtube file was deleted when I thought I had downloaded the file Oscar Staton 10:21 AM
Ads on the YouTube videos Dan the Drummer 10:19 AM
Is anyone else having problems with youtube after installing windows 10? Alyssa Cooke 10:11 AM
Can't hide videos in subscriptions Sideline Awards 9:59 AM
Videos on youtube are not being loaded!! Rafa Grotto 9:55 AM
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