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New keyboard layout on YouTube TV app! ytBecca 3/23/15
Playlists Not the Same!!! Piousgoddess 11:41 AM
unable to contact Youtube on PS4 odtw83 3/31/15
PS3 app resolution issue Fnn4 3/31/15
Activate works, but only for a few days at a time ABE ABESON 3/30/15
Call Of Duty Srb Astros Astros 3/30/15
Help with activate consols machew poplett 3/30/15
New Xbox 360 YouTube App doesn't support the Xbox 360 media remote LinkTGF 3/30/15
Den boro na kano upload se diafora binteo pou exo ftiksei.Ti na kano??? George Toptsoglou 3/30/15
Can't Activate Ps3 Youtube App Moopy Hedgehog 3/28/15
Youtube is not working at all on my Xbox 360 after this software update form them Victoria47 3/28/15
new youtube app for xbox 360 sucks! dillydoopoo 3/28/15
New YouTube app for Xbox 360 is unintuitive WarioBarker88 3/28/15
The new YouTube layout on Xbox 360 SUCKS Paul9251 3/28/15
when i try to sign in on xbox 360 CAMDEN games 3/27/15
New "Red Logo" Xbox 360 App Update Issues Mallonj 3/27/15
Aspect Ratio issue with YouTube app on Xbox 360. Terran Warrior 3/27/15
Hi Cole Schmidt 3/27/15
PS3 Youtube pair information is too small Rebecca S. S 3/26/15
Pairing a Device Opalai35 3/26/15
Xbox 360 YouTube app: Support add/remove from Watch Later Bikr 3/25/15
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