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YouTube on game consoles

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I had a community strike its expired but still cant live stream why? WARRIC 4/20/18
Live streaming from my PS4 1/3 of my video isn’t accessible. Limlug Lalaith 4/20/18
Youtube sign in sethzpunk 4/19/18
Error Message: Unable to connect to Youtube Terriana Green 4/19/18
youtube has suspended my account nizamkhan the gamer 4/19/18
YouTube on PS4 signing me out! Brandy P. 8:40 AM
XBox One Youtube App -- Google Account Linking Issue Christian Lolis 4/18/18
Xbox One App keeps logging me out brad c 4/16/18
Inappropriate ads Peter Vanko 4/16/18
PlayStation YouTube app issue Kieran Menon 4/16/18
What should not do in video on youtube 闇の剣士 4/15/18
I keep getting signed out of my Youtube account on my Xbox One Dragon18Lord 4/14/18
Whatever happened to the 4K YouTube update for Xbox One S? Bryan Morell 4/20/18
I have to keep re-signing into my account xAnarchy 4/14/18
Strange color on streaming game in first person 174Clan Tornei, sfide, campionati Battlefield 4/14/18
PS4 YouTube No thumbnails!!! Nathan Chin-Yue 4/13/18
having to resign into my xbox one every 30 minutes william symonds 4/13/18
ປະຫວັດຄວາມເປັນມາຂອງປີໃຫມ່ລາວ Buengkham ABC 4/12/18
What does someone need to make a copyright claim? Jesus Take the Wheel 4/10/18
i dont understand what i'm doing wrong in my videos dark pony345 4/9/18
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