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YouTube on game consoles

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youtube on ps vita app pleases on ps store INTERNET TERRE 9:38 AM
zG5XHIjGB1b76TFd K. Joseph Thomas 8:47 AM
Views and likes aren't showing up ImMute 10/17/17
Music added to live streaming gameplay? Brian Purser 10/17/17
Update the Xbox One app please... its outdated Javier E 10/16/17
Awful bitrate in Youtube app on PS3 Nicolas C. 10/17/17
unable to Broad cast live from my ps4 keep getting erro unable to breadcast like Rosebud102975 10/13/17
Toddler programming with very inappropriate ads NyBSfP 10/15/17
My channel doesn't have A last name lss912 10/6/17
Copyright Question lss912 10/7/17
when would the 4k hdr youtube app will be available for xbox one ?? Francois Younes 10/5/17
https://mail.google.com/mail/#inbox Lại Hoàng Anh 10/4/17
How do I trim my live stream from earlier? ThatBhoy Rage 10/5/17
Unable to contact YouTube (Wii U) PowerfulGuy2017 10/15/17
Can't play purchased videos on Xbox One EddieLeroy 10/3/17
PS4 streaming and uploading no longer works Cjaredh 10/1/17
How to buy movie? Parisa Mas 10/1/17
Infinite Sign-in loop. Redvix1190 10/1/17
I can’t stop my livestream Doomknight223 10/1/17
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