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How to block certain users automatically disliking my videos GKStriker 7/15/13
Please add a setting to the Playback Setup options to turn off HTML5. zenistic 7/15/13
My Video Views are stuck on 420, What can I do? Dor Truzman 7/14/13
disable resolution change when switching to fullscreen mode. icylinful 7/12/13
Google UI designers suck. macahi 7/12/13
why did you ban xximmortalmagexx whippenberg 7/9/13
Why are youtube vids randomly restarting? Warrenz79 7/7/13
Blocked users should NOT be able to flag or rate my videos fbbspy 7/6/13
Couldn't YouTube WARN me about a copyright complaint before giving me a strike? TRose11209 7/5/13
Youtube Brand Channel for Indian companies Saptitude 7/4/13
Where is my favorites? I had a ton of them and their gone! MauiMelody 7/3/13
comment supprimer la publicité sur ma chaîne? cris6043 7/2/13
"Comment Removed. Author Withheld" By Who??? toniface 7/1/13
Give Feedback: Playlists ytKARL 7/1/13
What exactly is youtube contacts ? Drew 77801 6/30/13
New homepage layout - update Liz YouTube support 6/28/13
Can't change thumbnail image. Have to use the picked one weirdkid13 6/28/13
Why does youtube allow people to upload nude photos of children? Lo Solo 6/27/13
youtube "top comments" disappear due to censorship blahpatyt 6/26/13
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