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some one is slandering me and my family on you tube what can i do jaytat78 8/19/12
Why do I have a new YouTube layout and have no information about how to use it? callumhewitt 8/13/12
bergabung sabarudin 8/12/12
Reporting Videos with Spyware? Renoaku 8/12/12
I can't watch videos! clicked play and 'an error occured please try again later' zarkeda 8/12/12
TheYoungTurks = Misleading Thumbnails!? gears101 8/12/12
Animal Cruelty paul1980 8/13/12
Error 404 njchoat 8/12/12
Suggestion about deleted videos in Favorites list Kayenar 8/12/12
Live feed annoyance DiablosAguacate 8/12/12
How do I hide google+ updates. WJvdR 8/12/12
Comment Search Ryuzai 8/11/12
Why is he not banned? OhuBeMad 8/18/12
I was hacked!! can i get my videos and all my subbs back:( Thebeautyguru2000 8/12/12
Typo found on violation reporting page RSA CA 8/11/12
REQUEST RE: Uploaded by (user) on (date) VS Published on (date) by (User) leauby 12/11/12
subscribers jordcool2 8/11/12
Where have all my older playlists gone? genesee 3/7/13
What happened to the youtube statistics by country? Used to have a info graphic putzfim 8/11/12
Pull down menu for channels missing in the new design. dcruze 8/12/12
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