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I need a funny video idea, any suggestions? AlexandDaniel100 6/8/13
Creating a youtube Channel Name i am scott 5/13/13
Presets from GarageBand copyrighted by BMF Digital? pattanshetty 5/10/13
hey can someone make me an intro for my channel thats free and good quality smiccer 4/6/13
About "disputed claims" and "Content ID Claims: how to get back to "good standing"??" viciz 3/28/13
I'm a female rapper looking for a singer male/female to collab with me midwestmiracle1 3/26/13
Im a singer wantin to collab with singer/rapper justcallmerico 3/26/13
Monetization button doesn't exist on my account. "This feature is currently not available in your country." - IN CANADA! unagi1989 3/20/13
Monetizing disabled without reason? NotWhisky 3/20/13
How do I go back to the old format as the new one STINKS and looks terrible!!!!!!!! etceterinicars 3/18/13
Different artist's name appears on my videos when I Google-search danafish 3/10/13
Where can I find music that has NO copyright for video backgrounds? Peter3333 3/6/13
I have some cod clips id like edited into a montage. If the editing is good, willing to pay for additional ones...paypal imanulmallick 3/2/13
how come youtube won't let me change my profile picture??? It won't let me upload a different picture. jetlag700 2/27/13
Resolving false Copyright Claim - Maker Studios rayman86 2/21/13
If I delete a video from my account, do I lose those views from my account's total, all-time views? crystal.cattle 2/20/13
Unfair YouTube dictatorship system MrUberuaga 2/16/13
Why does GoDigital MG claim copyrights on public domain music? Morpheus_777 2/9/13
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