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Are there any .eps vector files available of the You Tube button? anthemandy 8/9/12
Why has my video "Atheism and the God Particle " been tagged as age restricted? hdregmore 8/9/12
A deleted old account shows up in youtube search instead of new account arick 8/8/12
Why is monitization offered and then removed so many times? Bridget KielasFecyk 8/8/12
How do I remove/fix the problem where it shows the wrong Artist in info? Camdonius 8/12/12
Youtube hardware/software platform for K12 School Districts RFoster412 8/8/12
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Chronic disliker/hater! James_AJ 8/8/12
Gaining views and subs so difficult ? sc1991 8/8/12
When did Youtube start making the favorite lists private? John125omg 8/7/12
Captioning my music video Mr.Speaker 8/7/12
Copyrighted songs. Jimbolina1 8/6/12
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