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Account set-up, sign-in, and configuration

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A: Making & Moving a YouTube Channel in March 2015 (BREAKING NEWS) The Lady from UNCLE 1/11/14
A: Have you lost access to your YouTube because you forgot your sign in details? Read on... The Lady from UNCLE 6/17/13
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Bullying Spencer Daniel 6:46 PM
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Account status and features bug ESTMa.. 1:33 PM
cant change username Kqrl 12:58 PM
My channel still exists, but my gmail account does not Quinn Kulas 12:27 PM
Gaining access to an old YouTube account - Reclaim process not working! Nik Kafka 11:00 AM
Old account - monetization cannot authorize after Google migration Danny Ho 10:48 AM
I DON'T WANT "ONE ACCOUNT, ALL OF GOOGLE"!!!!!!!!!!!!! meQyouA 10:37 AM
I have deleted my channel but its still appearing to be there madhuker maddy 8:08 AM
profile picture Sparkle Arcticstar 7:02 AM
Sign in to an old account Itzel Garcia 6:09 AM
I received a youtube strike for one month instead of the usual 6 Joty GKS 5:24 AM
Claiming a "custom URL" - issues, requests? myCalStateLA 4:26 AM
Recovering account through old comments on a video? Richelle Kay 3:13 AM
Retrieve admin login credentials for a corporate YouTube account Abhijit Madhwaraj 12:12 AM
Are Channel managers able to file DMCA notices on videos Nitro Dragon 12:09 AM
why cant i choose a custom url?? cory osu 7/2/15
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