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Account set-up, sign-in, and configuration

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Lost all my channel data while transferring ownership Rehoboth Media 10:30 AM
Custom URL help Ryan Ohan 10:07 AM
Old Youtube account, forgotten password and e-mail deleted Daniel Syverstadlien 9:49 AM
Can you merge channels? Kevin Coryell 7:58 AM
Can sign in, but wrong channel? !Flame * CS:GO 7:37 AM
how to delete videos on account if you don't remember the info to sign in Nhu le1236 7:18 AM
YouTube email link not showing up for premium support CCT9 5:59 AM
I would like Adsense on Youtube to deny my application Tamp Game 1:32 AM
App problema Francisco Enriquez 7/31/15
What if I don't like the Custom URL that G+ offers me? 112freerun 7/31/15
YouTube channel connected to a Google+ Page, how do I get an API Key for it? Maynard Glinda 7/31/15
Inactive account Philesha Shoats 7/31/15
Custom URL Amen TV 7/31/15
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