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Account set-up, sign-in, and configuration

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A: Making a YouTube Channel in 2014 or The One About Making The Right +Choices The Lady From Uncle 2/5/14
Unable to view age-restricted videos on your mobile device? (Android, iOS, m.youtube.com) ytDangler 10/9/13
Unable to sign in with YouTube on your TV? YTJennie 6/26/13
A: Help with Google+ Pages on your YouTube channel after updating to a better name The Lady From Uncle 6/17/13
Sign in issues with Apple's pre-installed YouTube app ytDangler 5/14/13
Accounts FAQ - Read Before Posting a New Thread! ytKeane 5/17/12
Create a new channel that has your real name on it? Read to find out how to switch to a username. ytKeane 8/31/13
Linked to a Google Account and need help? Support options here! Liz YouTube support 1/1/14
Adsense koppel error Pieter Bernabei 11:20 AM
Deze functie is momenteel niet beschikbaar. Probeer het later opnieuw. Pieter Bernabei 11:18 AM
youtube Account connected to an old, deleted email adress - how do I get a new password?!? Nassim Mehran 11:11 AM
Why can't I reset my password? ROMEYYOUROCK 10:24 AM
Deleting Account Without Remembering the E-mail Spencer Willock 9:40 AM
Removing Old Account: Forget E-Mail Spencer Willock 9:39 AM
Deleted Google+ account which deleted YouTube channel Darcy Wheeler 9:07 AM
YouTube & Google+ apps for iOS 5.1. disabled after being forced to change password Robert Rowe 7:42 AM
A: How to report a hacked Google account/YouTube channel (April 2014) The Lady From Uncle 7:40 AM
Vaiafi your youtube but all ready have two other channels HELP Lordolyimpus pendragon 7:39 AM
HELP!!!!!! I MESSED UP WITH MY URL!!!! Can I Change it?!?! EpicGaming HD 7:36 AM
Every time I attempt to log into YouTube it says "There was an issue logging you into YouTube" and shows a bunch of red TVs. I have tried from multiple computers using multiple browsers. Delicious DeBlair 6:31 AM
cant log in into my account A Uneebullah 6:22 AM
Google and youtube account disable (unknown) 5:40 AM
Google account disable Carole-Anne Calloch 5:43 AM
Disambiguità: account Google, canale Youtube - Disambiguation: Google account, Youtube channel Claudio M. 3:51 AM
How to consolidate multiple accounts when I don't have username and password שושנה שוורץ 3:21 AM
My Google Account is a mess, can someone help?! Alex Byron 3:06 AM
I can't get in my account. Tamara Santana 2:18 AM
Linked Account - Didn't Import Old Channel DerekTBrown 2:01 AM
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