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How to change iGoogle page back to Classic Google aabarca 6/5/14
How do I go back to normal Google, not iGoogle all the time? vsloewen 5/27/14
how do I make Google my home page? gscandell 5/18/14
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BRING BACK iGOOGLE!!! t--man 1/29/14
How do I recover info I lost on iGoogle? (I am angry about iGoogle disappearing) Renee Haley 1/26/14
Saying goodbye to iGoogle Jessica Schwartz 1/24/14
When are you going to bring back iGoogle? Lyle Hewitt 1/16/14
what tools does Google offer to set a personalized home page now that they've removed igoogle? Im ready to move to firefox Renee Korb 1/2/14
Google shutting down! What does that mean exactly? No more searches? No more anything? What is alternative? Sheila Butler 8/18/14
What a big mistake getting rid of iGoogle. Wales Ledgerwood 12/29/13
No app since igoogle for netvibes dashboard local movies playing Sheri Owen 12/13/13
How to Bob Patel 12/3/13
Google dell homepage Hines5 12/2/13
Please return to the old home page. This does NOT work! Brad Booth 21 11/30/13
About igoogle Nessie Gray 11/30/13
Why did igoogle shut down? kaitlyn berghman 11/30/13
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