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Welcome to the official Google Search and Google Assistant User Community!

This is a space to ask questions about Google Search, Google Assistant and the Google app. This is a hub for you to connect with other users, discuss features and feedback, and engage with members of the Google team. You can also find support by searching for answers or posting new questions, as well as help out other users.

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Please return to the old home page. This does NOT work! Brad Booth 21 11/30/13
WHY has my ribbon changed on my homre page and sise of PRINT changed ??? Faye Daniel 11/29/13
I want Google to sell my produtcs or my photos Ntokozo Blessing Mgwaba 11/29/13
How can know the site are spamming in google ? vkdubey helios 11/28/13
deletion of display pages from google Preeja Sunil 11/28/13
iGoogle replacement w/Chrome downloaded Protogo 11/28/13
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