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How do I turn off Google doodles? blackhead 8/19/14
Sochi Google Doodle Olympic Charter Edgar Murillo 3/9/14
To Google Doodle, please Honor Dr.Ambedkar, Father of Indian Constitution Saint, Upliftthem & Great Scholar Group of Blogs 3/1/14
Beatles 50th Anniversary? Jeremy Basarab 2/11/14
I can no longer see the google doodles. Is there a way to fix this issue? Gwenn Gauthier 2/10/14
今日のタイトル 徳田雅弘 2/9/14
Why I will stop using Google. Becky Norris 2/9/14
Google is promoting Jesus Christ! coppertoe 2/9/14
Google Search Line Judy Ann Niedens 2/9/14
Thanks for the Olympic rainbow doodle. Amon Bennett 2/8/14
Remove google political agenda from main search Abraham Prattella 2/8/14
Why no google doodle for facebook's 10th anniversary? Shirish Thumma 2/8/14
No propaganda sodomy in Google engine! Elmar Mammadov 2/8/14
Tired of the Doodle Propaganda v9340cod0vpsd1 2/7/14
Bill Finger Google Doodle AF trip 21 2/7/14
7 Feb 2014 Doodle Emily lastnameprivate 2/7/14
Google fall from grace!!!!! Angelina Kuzmina 2/7/14
Keep your political views off of my device. Jeff Straw 2/7/14
Doodle Contest re: limited fine motor skills/disability. Margie Dow 2/7/14
search page image Margo Lovrod 2/7/14
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