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Welcome to the official Google Search and Google Assistant User Community!

This is a space to ask questions about Google Search, Google Assistant and the Google app. This is a hub for you to connect with other users, discuss features and feedback, and engage with members of the Google team. You can also find support by searching for answers or posting new questions, as well as help out other users.

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Google Search Help Center - Quick Link Guide (Long Version) Spencer Wade 11/15/17
Never Used Google Assistant Before? Get Started Here (Quick Start Guide) Spencer Wade 11/22/16
New to Google Search or have questions? Get started here! david.king 11/13/15
[FAQ] My searches are in the wrong country or language bluequoll 5/16/15
Google Assistant Option not Appearing in Google App settings FarhanKhan97 9:54 AM
Good day how can I make my Blogger shows up on Google's first page and how can I add my Pinterest to Search Console and how can I make my Pinterest profile, pins, boards show up high on Google's first page, please? Romario White 9:53 AM
Newsfeed keeps showing content I'm not interested in Jason Yates 9:48 AM
google assistant instead of screen search when long pressing home button A Debei 9:43 AM
Incorrect pronunciation of the name "Bass". jmd2119 9:41 AM
I am trying to have incorrect information removed from a google search Debbi Hixon 9:27 AM
I am not allowed to search Q Twigg 9:22 AM
Nexus 6p bootloop 2 weeks after warranty. Huawei and MediaMarkt won't help me. Spiros Pandis 9:19 AM
Arabic Autocompletes That Guy Jack 9:10 AM
What is the policy on crime scene photos showing deceased children? Amy Posadas 8:50 AM
Google assistant nexuz 6 Sanabil 8:48 AM
Captcha issues (unknown) 8:43 AM
google image search speck darin 8:42 AM
New Google Finance now almost unusable / useless Solomon Hafer 8:19 AM
Google Assistant does not search contacts Mike Pepper 8:05 AM
Gmail Requires Me to Login Twice Richard Moye 8:05 AM
Please remove amzon add LIMSAN KL 7:52 AM
Musical artist not showing up Derek Reese 7:48 AM
Bug report for Google Search: google returns results in wrong language chinatoast 7:47 AM
Person's Profile Disappeared from Google after Applying for Verification Mica Syjuco 7:46 AM
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