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Welcome to the official Google Search and Google Assistant User Community!

This is a space to ask questions about Google Search, Google Assistant and the Google app. This is a hub for you to connect with other users, discuss features and feedback, and engage with members of the Google team. You can also find support by searching for answers or posting new questions, as well as help out other users.

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The Google Assistant is coming to more Android phones! Tanya N. 2/27/17
Account Action Required notifications and unexpected sign out issues Tanya N. 2/24/17
Never Used Google Assistant Before? Get Started Here (Quick Start Guide) Spencer Wade 11/22/16
Make Google your default search engine AJ, Community Manager 10/20/16
Unwanted ad injectors in search results or redirecting search homepage? Try this AJ, Community Manager 12/28/15
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[FAQ] Google Doodles bluequoll 7/7/14
[FAQ] My searches are in the wrong country or language bluequoll 5/16/15
[FAQ] "PUPs" - Potentially Unwanted Programs bluequoll 2/26/14
[FAQ] How do I set searches from my local country homepage to default to local results? bluequoll 8/5/13
Frequently Asked Questions Kousha N. 10/3/12
Assistant quit talking to me after Nougat update to my S7 Bill.in.Mn 4:09 PM
I can't use Google Assistant. Hansen0924 4:08 PM
When searching Images of Famous Thinkers it yeild all false lewd quotes at top Famous Thinkers 2:53 PM
Location History and Location Reporting are not available for your account error Blaz K 2:47 PM
Icons Not Displaying in the 4x4 Google App Feed Widget Chrissy Hobbs 2:42 PM
Why is Moviemaker.com acting up?? G. P. Lovecraft 2:30 PM
Instant message voice commands Piccio 2:09 PM
test Buggy Bounty 2:06 PM
Need to get rid of DestinyGazeAdvertising icon next to my addblock icon Sally Harmon 1:31 PM
Google music Happy Hamster 1:22 PM
I keep receiving wrong information in google now. Marco Eugenio Escobar 12:37 PM
No google assistant Suman Purkait 12:35 PM
Google Switching between Old and New formats Darren Choi 12:18 PM
Google search color change on mobile ? Ting-Li Chou 12:14 PM
"OK Google" won't stop listening for voice despite having setting turned off Matthew Bibbo 11:51 AM Pretending to be Google slim pickens69 11:02 AM
Busniess Instagram page suddenly not showing up in search results Sol87 10:53 AM
OK Google voice response - Bluetooth Media Audio vs. Phone Audio SBNini 10:51 AM
ارجو تصحيح كلمة المينا لتصبح المنيا على واجهة الموقع Beshoy Tawfik 10:21 AM
WHA AhmedMohamedG 10:17 AM
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