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Structured data & rich snippets

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By using following schema tags will google penalized? Sarfarazali Meghani 3:33 AM
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Microdatos schema.org. tlearner2010 4/23/14
Authorship Photo Not Showing Up in Search Pamela Saling 4/23/14
Testing Tool says "Invalid URL or page not found" on one domain but not the other ValdeOdd 4/23/14
Correct bread crumbs markup on search result Terence Leong 4/23/14
Is there is any issue with my site's Header tags? Lweis Hector 4/23/14
Pagination & Structured Data/Rich Snippet Marcel Hauri 4/23/14
To whomever it may concern beckysong55 4/23/14
How to create Authorship for a blog? Vijaygirija 4/23/14
Author Change Luke Wallace 4/23/14
Google+ link to website successful, but verified badge/checkmark not displaying Rabobank America 4/23/14
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