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Structured data & rich snippets

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Google supports marking up structured data for following Rich Snippets categories using JSON-LD? Shaurya24 4:09 AM
schema.org Organization Jens Fuchs 1:26 AM
Rich Snippets for my site Anilkumar Chinna 12:48 AM
How to rename the page set such as "Local Business", or "product" in Data highlighter? Jacqueline Cao 2/12/16
Data Highlighter Tony Gunn 4:38 AM
Search results do not show aggregated product reviews gopinathgoswami 2/12/16
Productontology Markup Lance Fries 2/12/16
Fixing Errors within the Structured Data Section? Structured Data Section 2/12/16
Update snippet for new site being forwarded to Edward Blakeslee 2/12/16
Oh no! I just received message type [WNC-632900] h2hservices 2/12/16
Rich snippets not showing in results, can you help me please? Jorge RGs 2/12/16
Job site structured data question elektra-mobius 2/12/16
Trying to resolve spammy structures markup warning from Google Helen OKeeffe 2/12/16
Google structured data markup for a business with slightly different addresses? Lennie Lam 2/12/16
Data Highlighter not letting me specify correct url gwhPoster 2/11/16
Does any Google expert has answer to my questions..waiting since 9th Feb 2016 Piyushdear 2/12/16
Schema Markup Errors in GSC when no Markup is being used?? HelpPlease110 2/12/16
Structured data error: "missing:updated" AlexKan 2/11/16
Looking for JSON/Schema help and advice! ADH13 2/12/16
No Errors, BlogPosting Errors | & Chaning Webpage Target Type Property Marci Loehner 2/11/16
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