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Removing content

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Websites copying my content Beachside Idos 2:18 PM
Please remove these URLs from the search engine -zh-tw.facebook.com, ar-ar.facebook Wedding agency Alegria 12:37 PM
how do I delete an old address for my business that shows up when I try to log into AdWords Express? Janet Borges 11:45 AM
How much time it takes for an outdated content to be removed from google? Dale_Campbell 11:29 AM
I'm getting Islam pop ups Craig Gialo 5:37 AM
How to Remove Obscene PHOTO Chris D. Evans 6/30/16
Help shahr banu 6/30/16
unlock topics to delete them. aph aph 6/30/16
Image Removal Questions GLN16 6/30/16
Looking to have my name removed from Google search engines, concerning resolved personal issues. Awesome Ness 6/29/16
Plagiarism Prime News 6/30/16
How can I remove a subpage from Google search Blessing Ijoma 6/29/16
How long does it take to Remove outdated content? R S B 6/29/16
HELP shahr banu 6/29/16
Photo from google Ella Vrgoc 6/28/16
Clear Cache in Google Search Bar Zelina Manae 6/28/16
Some copy my Website all content Copied Content 6/28/16
Please help me, it's urgent shahr banu 6/28/16
I'm confused, please help shahr banu 6/27/16
Deleted profile images from linked is still in web search by name Deleted images is still showing in google search 6/27/16
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