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Security, malware & hacked sites

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Simple 301 pemanent redirect from http to https caused Google to list our site as hacked Maher Arar 3/27/17
Message Type : [WNC-651700]. it webmaster 3/27/17
Google detect site Have Harmful Downloads Micle Mure 3/26/17
Reconsideration request approved, but still site not appearing in search ? thomas_1986 3/26/17
Verification of website Paul Gianneschi 3/26/17
Google This site may be hacked. boxboro 3/27/17
My website link appears with a very disturbing name JOHANNA CONTRERAS 3/25/17
Gmail is telling users my site is unsafe to visit when they click a link in an email... i8pikachu 3/26/17
Hacked Rochelle Gray 3/25/17
How to find and remove HTML tag of unauthorised verified owner Outbac Broga Enquiry 3/25/17
google falsely identifying malware on my site Sean Meyer 3/24/17
Security problem Szücsi Balázs 3/24/17
Wrong/Hacked Description displaying in Search Results jcw.verse 3/24/17
Sneaky mobile redirects & Adcash draq0n 3/24/17
Wanted to contact Google team on Urgent Basis Sourabh Soni Masters 3/24/17
This website may have been hacked - untrue BtheGreenDrummer 3/24/17
red malware screen Andy Thompson 101 3/24/17
Hijacked Webpage Gustaf Bed Factory 3/24/17
malware on blogger site pdp2907 3/24/17
My website is showing up in the japanese language in google Sebastiaan Numan 3/24/17
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