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Malware & hacked sites

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Welcome to the Malware and Hacked Sites sub-forum JohnMu 5/1/12
my site is in spam list Masih Moghaddam 11:49 PM
spam list Masih Moghaddam 11:42 PM
Cannot withdraw Change of Address due to not being a site owner of the Hacker's website Derrick Plunk 9:14 PM
Mobile site redirects to jucyad pornsite... Kasper Sivebaek 9:14 PM
Our site is currently listed as a reported Attack Page, however I cannot find any issues - help pls! EdgePLM 9:09 PM
Website disappeared from Search engine Lisa Vella 3:30 PM
This site may be Hacked still appearing even though it is clean and secure now Scott Pruis 11:41 AM
Fixed Malware infected site, but email servers are blocking emails with the website address on Chavonne Snyman 8:32 AM
Is it malware or not stevenfram 7:57 AM
bot, spun articles + hacked site. help! chris sowerby 4:28 AM
My site is listed on google with a warning, telling people it has malware Patrick Dans 4/15/14
Site not hacked anymore, but still shows up in Google "This Site may be hacked" David Shaww 4/15/14
Click Malware? cannot find where this is in webmaster tools caddelle 4/15/14
When you type my website in google and click on the index page you are redirected to another site Gary Schauer 4/15/14
First in ranking for 5 years and now GONE Webmaster Dan Becker 4/15/14
Fetch as Google shows hack links Matthew Webb 4/15/14
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