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Malware & hacked sites

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Welcome to the Malware and Hacked Sites sub-forum JohnMu 5/1/12
Server/Or websites meta description hacked like pharma hack but it is about casino staff. Mrlekman 8:06 PM
Google Search with redirect another website Nancy Kay 7:30 PM
Can't request review of malware pages in webmaster tools Chris Nasr 6:31 PM
Report this Download copyright theft 陳茂哲 6:23 PM
How to find out if someone calling from a number is legit Jackie Petchauer 5:18 PM
we dint find any malware on the site then too we cleaned it & requested for review not accepted indiainfo 3:51 PM
Why does my website say "Danger: Malware Ahead" every time you go to it? Hiren Mistry 3:42 PM
My website meta description hacked like pharma hack but it is about casino staff. Skip to my lou 2:49 PM
Why does Site Issues on Webmaster Tools show an issue, but Security Issues does not? marthahuizenga 2:06 PM
MacKeeper locks my computer up unless I "force quite" Why is it allowed? inquiry24060 1:11 PM
MacKeeper screwing up my computer:why google allows those ads? inquiry24060 12:26 PM
Why does Google allow MacKeeper to put malware on the computer or you have to log off? What a horrib inquiry24060 12:17 PM
Why does Chrome (Google) allow advertising by MacKeeper that locks your computer? inquiry24060 12:14 PM
HELP, my software is being flagged as malicious and its not John Haughey 11:04 AM
Chrome says my site is blocked as a phishing site! That's incorrect! elefteria 10:37 AM
My site was hacked and added bad links through internal page ,,,,what should i do?? shr2403 8:40 AM
malware Melia Alexandra Ahmet 7:26 AM
Cannot withdraw Change of Address due to not being a site owner of the Hacker's website Derrick Plunk 7:17 AM
Our site is currently listed as a reported Attack Page, however I cannot find any issues - help pls! EdgePLM 6:20 AM
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