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Security, malware & hacked sites

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Welcome to the Malware and Hacked Sites sub-forum JohnMu 5/1/12
it is still showing this site may be hacked z slash 5/28/16
.htaccess hacked and fixed, when will Google catch up? wben 5/28/16
My site is being redirected to a spam (Porn) site from google search only. What do I do? Sweet Virginia 5/28/16
How can google detect harmful content on my site's nothing found page???? Toriq 5/28/16
Malware Content MD411 5/28/16
Why is google allowing hackers to register as an OWNER to my website.. G/A 5/28/16
How can I make the security issue show up in the Search Console window? (Week+ waiting) Thistle Chaser 5/28/16
Meta Description Haked Diego Giuriani 5/28/16
How To Recover Hacked Websites - Manual Action Mashum Mollah 5/28/16
url redirection when go to the website through search result. Khushi Centre 5/28/16
My website is redirecting to wrong url Vineet Aggarwal 5/28/16
Please help...site seems has been hacked -malware message Gina Davidovic 5/28/16
Need some expert here or WMT Support member REPOST Rimotevst Kanev 5/27/16
Please, kindly suggest way forward, my site is showing "MALWARE" THIS SITE MAY BE DANGEROUS TO VISIT AL-Baraq Travels 5/27/16
Another (unknown) "owner" verified via Meta Tag and i cannot find the meta tag to remove WilkinsIT 5/28/16
The website 'http://studiochalkboard.evansville.edu/' has been invaded by hackneck Hello GG 5/27/16
Help Cleaning Up After Hack Peter Cass 5/28/16
My site is flagged for malware but Google tools says it's safe. How do I get rid of the warning? warning message 5/27/16
Firefox & Chrome Both Detect Malware on My Site. Charles P. Scott 5/27/16
"Red Screen" remains on site (already cleaned of malware) Irving Arroyo 5/27/16
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