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Security, malware & hacked sites

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Welcome to the Malware and Hacked Sites sub-forum JohnMu 5/1/12
Fixing Search results after website hack Lev Voslinsky 10:40 AM
p.pw Ильфат Ганиев 9:10 AM
Malware Site Cleaned But Pointed Domains Still Being Reported Liz Loizou-Smith 7/31/15
Cannot find malicious code causing Spam Hacking Suspected Joe Moorman 7/31/15
Chrome keeps blocking the files although site is clean LittleIdiot 7/31/15
chrome safebrowsing blocking my file again and users cannot download/and now think I host malware! Julain J 7/31/15
Google's link to request a website review doesn't have the link they describe. Please help. khorton acclima 7/31/15
How to remove bad words in the search results? Jun Sang 7/31/15
Website is being re-directed unintentionally Tamera Miller 7/31/15
Search Console "Security Issues" is Clean - Google Shows "This site may be hacked" John Haselden 7/31/15
We have been blocked for being a phishing site but we aren't Dennis Emil Reinhold Pedersen 7/31/15
this site may be hacked issue. Asif Sk 7/31/15
Serious issues with Google Safebrowsing poducing false positive Autokeybot 7/31/15
Site is CLEAN but Google still says it violate policy WaldenPondDesign 7/30/15
Removal of "This site may be hacked " Led Assoc 7/30/15
Weird problem with Chrome: File is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous DomasDeveloper 7/30/15
Search results state that my site may be hacked SGChurches 7/30/15
Software Product Downloads Blocked By Chrome - PLEASE HELP carlhancock 7/30/15
My website is detected as phishing? Coryinator 7/30/15
Site is Redirected to porn sites using android device JerryT. 7/30/15
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