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Read First - Welcome to the Internationalization sub-forum Christopher Semturs 10/24/12
Hello, I'm Bumkyu Koh who is student of Imae highschool in Korea 고범규 6:30 AM
Hello, I'm Bumkyu Koh who is student of Imae highschool in Korea 고범규 5:59 AM
Duplicated Content on Country-Specific URLs Courtney Frazer-Bates 3:35 AM
can we two websites one for local and one for global target? Nishant karn 2:29 AM
W3C error with Google Translate widget <meta name="google-translate-customization" Antoine Lebel 3/4/15
Redirection of Country-coded domain url to Top-Level generic domain url! H.E. Garaventa 3/4/15
Huge increase in No Return Tags Hemant Ravishanker 3/4/15
Writing new translated URLs: accents and parameters Didski 3/4/15
Multiply hreflang to the same URL not for language but for regional deviation deniss 3/4/15
Hreflang Language Code for Norwegian - NO, NB or NN? Kevin Ellen 3/4/15
Can We use hreflang for 1 website but targetting different countries? Nancy Singh 3/3/15
Webmaster not finding hreflang tags on my site Ramya Maya 3/3/15
Importance of Translating URL Paths HeatherBashawPhysioc 3/2/15
Using gTLD w/ country subdomains but Google not serving the right homepage in each country Pricena2015 3/2/15
Missing tags error opilok 3/1/15
Hreflang Tags Errors - International Targeting gab81 3/1/15
Sitemap for multilingual site webspher 2/27/15
Multi language considerations, (different url) crushfor89 2/27/15
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