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Read First - Welcome to the Internationalization sub-forum Christopher Semturs 10/24/12
Is it OK for hreflangs to be dynamic and not static? Eric Muhanji 4:34 AM
Google shows my wrong and old pages. Choi in blue 12/4/16
no return tag error found on google webmaster tool Amit Verma - 12/4/16
Multi-Domain HREFLANG Tagging and X-Default Use Spencer Baselice 12/3/16
HREFLANG Tagging for Multiple FR Variations and One Worldwide Version SBaselice 12/3/16
Google Webmasters: no hreflang-tags recognized Carolin Mueller 12/4/16
why are our hreflang tags incorrect? Richard998 12/2/16
Search Console reports "no return tags (sitemaps)" error Denis Routes.Tips 11/30/16
Which one is true for x-default Mete Kopal 11/30/16
Hreflang implementation: "No return tag" problem with "/" at the end of my URLs Adrian Ulens 11/30/16
Enter pur-air.eu - top in UK & DE... NOT listed in google.fr (pages en francais) - Nice Problem! Pur Air 11/30/16
Hreflang Tags with Errors? Elano S. Silveira 11/29/16
Company showing as in another country puprwear 11/28/16
HREFLANG Return tags in place (I believe) but Google says "No return tags" tsuchan 11/28/16
Can you check my canonical and alternate links. Mete Kopal 11/30/16
{WNC-659602} - HREFLang Errors ScopeUout Account 11/26/16
HREF between different web address Test012 11/27/16
Hreflangs! Am I doing it correctly? Elano Silveira 11/25/16
How can I set my hrelflangs correctly? Elano Silveira 11/25/16
International Targeting and hreflang Emil Pomorski 11/25/16
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