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Read First - Welcome to the Internationalization sub-forum Christopher Semturs 10/24/12
.hk domain - mixing english and chinese Audio Shop 7:06 AM
Self Referential HREFLANG tag SEO Wiz 1:50 AM
Google identifying hreflang errors without any hreflang tags - message type [WNC-659602]. Valued Clients 8/27/15
Website Language and Blog concern Arun Dhiman 8/27/15
Selecting site language will resolve (redirect) to the same URL - how google crawl it ? subtabz 8/27/15
Subdomain is showing as our main site in search results HEA York 8/27/15
SEO for multilingual sites SEO Wiz 8/27/15
How to target my website Internationally? A C Sekhar 8/26/15
hreflang alternate tag when there is no translation Sergio Catalá 8/26/15
Use of hreflang="x-default" BillHunt 8/26/15
INTERNATIONAL TARGETING - href lang tags - no return errors? CB_77 8/26/15
We improved our website but can't see any change in Google SERPs amélie Bouillard 8/25/15
Href lang tag shrijee web 8/24/15
hreflang Eduard Hirsch 8/24/15
What is the correct usage of hreflang="x-default" in a sitemap? S Strand 8/22/15
International Tagging of my Site Rachana Nagal 8/21/15
Question about sitemap for multi-language website SRMobile 8/20/15
help needed- international website lior_schneider 8/20/15
My Domain is missing from Google.com Jeff Boxall 8/20/15
Is geo targeting possible for Subdirectories with gTLDs? Pravesh Balhara 8/15/15
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