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Read First - Welcome to the Internationalization sub-forum Christopher Semturs 10/24/12
What can I do about hreflang return tag errors that spike immediately after switching site to SSL? mightyturtle 6:34 PM
Hreflang is set up for the UK but the Google search results show the US data Maya Tray 3:53 PM
Should my site set hreflang tags? VanessaSmith 5/22/16
Can I point several HREFLANGs to one page? 09 4:33 AM
Identical images on Multilingual Versions Evan Br 5/21/16
Translated site on entirely new domain name: what is the SEO best practice? Dennis de Vries 5/21/16
Hreflangs Gal Pidshypnyk 2:16 AM
How to block international domain? Ishan Clovia 5:26 AM
International Targeting errors Isso 5/20/16
HrefLang Tags - Wrong targeted sites showing in different countries Gary A R 5/20/16
Wrong cache stays for ever - help me get rid of it! Nicolas Guibert 5/20/16
3 sites, 90% same content, each serving 60+ countries, 2 different languages - Help Jeremy Eisenberg 10:34 AM
What does Incorrect hreflang implementation on website mean? Jessica Lohmann 5/21/16
double language in different domains .es .com Alex Guardia Miralles 5/19/16
Google Business Search Fr. Yuri Patrick 5/18/16
Canonical and href lang tag Frank Ginter 10:40 AM
International targeting not working Maarten Rol 5/18/16
Issues with sitemap sitemap problem 5/18/16
Google perform poorly for multi countries website kakibola 5/18/16
Keep getting hreflang error no matter what I do John beGood 10:28 PM
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