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Crawling, indexing & ranking

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I am having crawl errors where my URLs are attaching to another website. Please help. Anne McVey 9/19/17
Need help about domain .download svkrs 3:03 AM
My site is NOT getting indexed. No option for 'reconsideration request' Mohammed Bin Haseeb 2:48 AM
Repeating the name of my company at the beginning of each title tag? Lauren Russo 9/19/17
Site Pages Being De-Indexed URMCWS 9/19/17
[NSFW] - main page (homepage) not indexed for strange reason PornstarID Webmaster 1:09 AM
Google doesn't crawl my site. Otello 9/19/17
PROBLEM website Christina Daletska 9/19/17
Check what page descriptions Google has for all ur site's pages Indy Rose Flowers 9/19/17
Is overall authority of a website more important that relevancy for Google? Flo Bejgu 9/19/17
Received this message from Google: SSL/TLS certificate does not include domain name https://www....c Barbara Golden 9/19/17
My Website no longer showing up when doing a search in google Teresa Comeau 9/19/17
Chrome 2018 support for the Better Ads Standards - Prestitial question cooran 3:07 AM
Google search seems to have mixed signals when placing 1st page site listings Al Nelson 9/19/17
Google linked plotseling niet meer door naar onze website! Jan Baars 2:28 AM
Merged Language Result UtzonDev 2:22 AM
Duplicate content on separate category pages in Shopify Affecting SEO Dustin (SW) 9/19/17
English Keywords suddenly drops from top 3 to +50 position and then restore... (REWARD FOR SOLUTION) Luis Abrines 9/19/17
Constant Ranking fluctuations only in English keywords (From top 3 to above 100) Luis Abrines 12:31 AM
co.uk versus .com ranking Andrew Slim 9/19/17
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