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Crawling, indexing & ranking

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How do I disavow a link from this complicated, spammy as heck domain? DavidC111 8:27 AM
UNRESOLVED: Website is missing from Google Search, GONE, POOF... from #2 to nothing!!! Please help! Scarpace Anthony 8:16 AM
Crawling Homepage Martin Baxter 123 8:16 AM
HTTPS Issues within Google Search Console Brad Johnson- GL 7:59 AM
HTML Improvement Trailing Slash Issue. Please help SameerS 7:45 AM
Social networks reach affecting Google results? Kres7787 7:30 AM
SERP-header display wrong domain and also ignoring <title>-meta tag Jesse Tinell 7:26 AM
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SEO Basic Help super-appreciated :0) ozbirko 6:29 AM
blocking Google+ cookie frank79 6:22 AM
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