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Using Google Voice on a Mobile Device

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When texting or calling I want my cell # to show on recipients phone, not my google voice #. How can I do this? ( I'm not calling or texting using Google voice.). Grant Burg 4/26/15
How I can get back the old google voice interface. Josan L. Ll. 4/26/15
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Invalid forwarding phone PLEASE HELP ARAVER1987 4/26/15
Voice, Hangouts, and Chrome NateBennett681 4/26/15
change of number Dailene Miller 4/25/15
Google voice keeps subscribing soraya11sasha 4/25/15
Voicemails go to native iphone app instead of GV app. Tom Morrow 4/25/15
Going crazy trying to connect my mobile # to Google Voice Lite Joe Orlandino 4/25/15
On tablet mark crowder 4/25/15
reclaiming number ARAVER1987 4/25/15
Does Virgin Mobile run on Sprint? Tierney Hamilton 4/25/15
Does Virgin Mobile run on Sprint? Tierney Hamilton 4/25/15
Text NOT SENT message Gbiggs2 4/25/15
Google Voice on Fire Phone NO SIDE LOAD Daniel R. Ramirez II 4/25/15
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