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Sprint + Google Voice

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Forward text from Verizon "dumb" phone to my Sprint "smart" phone via Google Voice? charles sandiford 3/19/15
Need Gogle voice deleted from sprint account ASAP Brett Simms 3/19/15
cancel my googlevoice #5413780485 rocksand castleman 3/19/15
How can I set up an acct using a USVI phone # Just Curious12 3/18/15
I am calling to Ecuador and google call is sending my calls to China!!!!!~it is horrible and still is getting my money...I hade it I will not use this crap any more Margarita P 3/18/15
Voice mail text notifications show as received a voice mail from my own number instead of the number of the person that called rsantoni 3/18/15
What is blue_ghost? What does it mean when this appears with a text message? Suzanne Bennett 3/17/15
Someone else has my Google Voice Number and I use my GV Number everyday! Marisol Perez 3/17/15
Lollipop Update - Google Voice - HTC One M8 Displaying Incorrect Outgoing Phone Number in Call History Dcollado 3/17/15
My account has been hacked, I cant get in and my number is still linked! SMH1107 3/17/15
Unable to make calls Zac R 3/16/15
Google Voice Wendy Ikia 3/16/15
https://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!newtopic/voice jaydra 3/16/15
Unable to delete Voicemail messages. Yaboy Reem 3/16/15
Changing phones and plans with Sprint integration Tom Wilson1 3/16/15
I want to pay the $20 to keep my old Google Voice Number in addition to my Sprint Number, which I am always using. I can't find this under PHONE SETTINGS (where to pay). Please help me pay. Thanks. Kellie Lin Knott 3/15/15
How to get my Google Voice Number back? Charlie Wu 3/15/15
SMS What is it? Wesly Gray 3/15/15
Suspended GV account Mary White.. 3/15/15
I cannot make to call in my google voice ( you cannot complete your call please try again ) Bronwyn Maclean 3/14/15
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