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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Unable to get login credentials for purchased Google number Jackson Group 12:04 PM
does my account have an account number associated to my account so i can port out my number to a different carrier ? isaac Deutsch 11:47 AM
Switching/porting numbers between Google Voice and AT&T - # not eligible? Jess Blackwell 9:28 AM
When initiating a port I get "Please fill out all of the required fields." altendky 12:03 PM
Porting has not happened yet Shurajit Gopal 11:58 AM
Stolen numbers ported to Google Voice dmcal 6/27/17
Unable to Port Number, I don't have the option. Marina Drazba 6/27/17
Is there a way to port my cell carrier number to google voice and port my google voice number to my cell carrier at the same timer? G Sanchez 12:03 PM
Avoid losing phone number n38 6/27/17
Hello, Jordan Young 199 6:06 AM
Port to GV Mandeep Sindhu 6:22 AM
Google Still Porting Number npdemarco 2:54 AM
Google unlock page isn't working girl in ukraine 6/27/17
Using google voice without a linked phone number S RS 6/27/17
"You have a porting request in progress." (from TMobile pre-paid) stuck for the past 23 days Cheryl H-S 6/27/17
Phone Verification disconnecting before I can answer JHillil 6/27/17
Have not received confirmation email saying porting has been successfully completed Barry Koren, AIA, PhD 6/27/17
Google voice payment Salvador Mejia Porting issue 6/26/17
Unable to Port ATT Number APNichols 6/26/17
Porting a number from GV to Ting fasolamatt 6/26/17
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