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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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No option find to add google voice number to account. Mukesh Puri 10/12/15
Can't Port my Phone Number to Google Voice Jamison Hardigree 10/12/15
Problem Porting Area Code 281 Phone RaidV92C 10/12/15
Difficulty finding available numbers in 305 or 786 area codes Reyes Rivas 10/12/15
Waiting for a number porting into GVoice for over a week - I already tried twice - This is starting to be annoying BarcelonaNY 10/12/15
Porting a google voice # out of Google and making it a main number Christopher Chatman 10/12/15
HELP! My porting from AT&T Wireless Home Phone has been a week. PeterSJ 10/12/15
Ported to google voice account but unable to receive text messages. Cindy__ 10/12/15
Porting is STUCK for T-Mobile transfer to GVoice Ilya B 10/12/15
Verifying phone - cell phone never rings. St Jo 10/12/15
How can I add an India Number MihirG 10/11/15
Ring all phones VEGAS_WEB 10/11/15
How can I verify my # to port it to google voice when I am out of the country? Galan Norman 10/11/15
Porting second cell number and keeping existing GV number as primary. Aspen60 10/11/15
hw can i create a google nber success clintin otia 10/11/15
Need help with google voice number and forwarding number Sahil Patil 10/11/15
Foreign local number Leandropa 10/11/15
Can't transfer my number to google voice Libby Sittley 10/11/15
GV Porting out problems pnewman67 10/11/15
Google voice glitch Annabn17 10/11/15
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