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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Google voice "porting my number problem" Hepplet 9:21 AM
Recycle Google voice forwarding number Kar Lau 9:11 AM
Google Voice lists my Cricket number as AT&T LeoGuy 9:07 AM
foreign number Dvorah Rajchman 7:42 AM
I am trying to port my old phone number into google voice. Caroline Abbott 7:05 AM
We need to Port mobile phone Numbers from french phone companies on Google Voice Renan Savidan 5:03 AM
Google Voice port out to Verizon - no incoming calls or text Anish Patankar 3:42 AM
Help with number porting Armando Hechavarria 6:48 AM
I want to keep my landline number but ditch the landline service. Can I port my AT&T landline number to Google Voice? Humanoid42 4:59 AM
Please help. Phone port initiated 9 days ago but nothing has happened since then. James.Adams 5/25/17
What will be my address while porting out? Santosh1234565 5/25/17
Google Voice Business Customer Service123 5/25/17
Set up process wont fully complete! Help! Kate Huth 5/25/17
Do not have physical phone any longer, but I still want to port number. How can I complete process? gitana h 5/25/17
Phone ported but not working Christopher Chace 5/24/17
Porting my number to Google Voice Monty Frey 5/24/17
forwarding google voice to various numbers and changing voicemail address for voicemail dictation. Julianna Davis 5/25/17
Google Voice says port complete, Verizon says port has not been completed. Don Langworthy 5/24/17
The number I selected is not showing in the setting and a pop-up keeps up prompting me to add a Number. Zain-hmd 5/25/17
Porting Google Voice number mark arch 5/25/17
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