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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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my porting didn't work, but i was still charged. Can you Refund? Beiry Fernandez 5:26 AM
Porting Request is Pending with " Error Code: Password/PIN required or incorrect " radhika thanneru 7/22/17
Issue with my phone number porting to Voice Issue with my phone number porting to Voice 7/22/17
Craigslist/Google Voice Scam That Guy Cam 7/22/17
after porting using google voice online and on devices a possibility? Lalo R 7/22/17
No change in PORT status, even though it's over 24 hours. Flip RMS 7/22/17
Porting to google failed, could never text or receive text. How to get refund. iranr 7/22/17
It's been 24 hours and the port is still processing. Sam Watson1 7/22/17
need to re-enter account number for port - how? mikefilmguy 7/22/17
Help! The GV number does not work after an accidental transfer request zggame 7/22/17
Issue paying for Google Voice current number port - OR-HDT-01 Arcane22 7/22/17
Billing Pin JEVG 7/22/17
Error message: PIN/Password required. Ehren Schmidt 7/22/17
Porting out to Sprint not working kvk123 7/21/17
Where is my number? greg barbeauld 7/22/17
Can't transfer my phone number Michael Follis 7/22/17
I ported my cell number from verizon to google voice and I thought it said I had an option to keep my original google voice number, but when I go to numbers it list both numbers and has delete under my googlevoice number. Kevin Castle 7/21/17
Louisiana Tonya Washington-Nash 7/21/17
help transferring Google voice number to Ring central. I worked to get my Google Voice unlocked, but got this from Ring Central stating that number is still frozen. Norm Poole 7/21/17
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