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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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the message "cannot be used to obtain a Google Voice number." Klimov Nikolay 9/22/17
We Paid $20 for 1/2 working Port scottidee 9/22/17
Hi I have at&t wireless number and i want to port the number to google voice which number should i get in google voice Sudheer Mareddi (Admin) 9/22/17
Can I port my number from the Sideline App over to Google Voice? HNguyening 9/22/17
Can I maintain my personal voicemail with direct calls if I port a number? Concerned Candace 9/22/17
Can I still use Hangouts SMS via my Google Voice number AFTER I port the GV# to my Carrier? Calvin Le 9/22/17
Urgent: Transfer my google voice number to non @gmail.com account failed so wanted to change it to another gmail.com account Gaurav Avula 9/22/17
I requested to port my number from Straight Talk to Google Voice. Matt Paulauskas 9/22/17
How do I cancel a number port that is "IN PROCESS" jhbaker919 9/22/17
How to unlock my Google voice number? Jeff Sherrod 9/22/17
Status of port request? Brian Hartz 9/22/17
Porting from Google to Xfinity Mobile Port to Xfinity Mobile 9/22/17
How to activate my old but dead number? Ms Braun 9/22/17
Error Porting Number: MDN Not Found Rich Fulton 9/21/17
Porting my Sideline number over to Google Voice Valerie Gospodarek 9/21/17
Porting my number to google voice requires a PIN for authorization Michael Dopps 9/21/17
1. can a google voice # be set to forward to a land line? 2. can a google voice # be set to forward to a fax line? Cody Hoover 9/21/17
Ported a GV number to a cell but keep getting incoming calls to my computer. yany rivera 9/22/17
Please help answer this question... Peyton Pond 9/22/17
How can I check on my number porting to google voice?????? Ecurb49 9/21/17
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