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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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It won't let me forward calls to my cell phone! Need this for school--PLEASE HELP!! susie gates 8:46 PM
Why does it take Google Voice so long to port a number? AT&T Post-Paid to GV Number Port 5:06 PM
Can't receive SMS from Verizon after port. Jstone4 5:03 PM
Entered wrong account number in for port in information. Porting from Ringplus to Google Voice Joel Bailey123 3:52 PM
Lost my phone number in Google Voice Transfer billxcable 4:27 PM
AT&T accepted Request porting out to GV but GV has not activated the number yet Satyajeet Salvi 1:53 PM
A forward from a former Ringcentral number is going to Google Voice and I can't turn off the forward Davis Mansmann 4:56 PM
I'm not able to add my number on My Google voice Account Omar Aboelsoud 11:36 AM
Not able to receive text messages via my google voice Camilla Ross 5:08 PM
PORT OUT TO AT&T GV INFO Issue TCheray 11:11 AM
Google voice not work ? Elizabeth P. Jackson 4:32 PM
Problem with adding forwarding number Brooke Huval 4:59 PM
How can I get a progress update on my number being ported from Sprint? Brent Queck 4:17 PM
Port cancellation stuck in limbo Kunal D 2:35 PM
i am not able to get new google voice number it says "The forwarding phone on your account cannot be used to obtain a Google Voice number." hemanth D 10:17 AM
Unable to receive SMS after GV # port to Verizon Jordan Espinosa 4:16 AM
porting from att go phone shores48 2/8/16
Can't port numbers from T-Mobile? Susan Goble 12:44 PM
Where is my phone number? Ann Barbee Ruether 2/8/16
Porting number to T-Mobile DLAJr 2/8/16
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