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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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"Confirmed Port request pending from another local provider" Alex Goykhman 4:05 PM
My phone won't ring when I call my google voice number. It goes straight to voice mail help!! Melinda Beatty 1:32 PM
Need to lock my google voice number Brian Vinci 1:13 PM
How to combine 2 cell phone numbers from 2 different carriers (sprint and AT&T) to 1 phone and cancel 1 carrier Alex Demarais 1:03 PM
Porting Fails lewis lcsofour 1:00 PM
Porting my phone number to Google Voice Jonah Burckhardt 12:00 PM
Porting from GV to ATT not working Harshita Wadhwa 11:58 AM
calls to me being routed to a 3rd party Citizen Stephen 11:28 AM
Google number not attached to my accounts even after port Two More 11:19 AM
Callers on my Google number are being blocked with the message " --- Not Available" from multiple carriers. Tom Mottl 6:43 AM
porting stuck from tmobile prepaid boooney 4:31 AM
its been 3 days since port was initiated. Caleb Greene 3/29/15
Problem Porting from Google Voice to Ring Central TJWGeminusHeadStart 3/29/15
Port Hung!!! Please Help BlakeS 3/29/15
gv number disappeared Adreanne lorthridge 3/29/15
voice mail forwarding problem eric-ct83828483939 3/29/15
how do I know if my cell number is on another Google voice account Codster 3/29/15
Unable to Port Verizon mobile number to GV Suneel P 3/29/15
Can't port tmobile number to GV Salman B 3/29/15
Trying to port my number out, but AT&T is asking for an account number that is NOT my phone number. Solus2167 3/28/15
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