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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Scheduling the Port of a Number toddogles 8:08 AM
Verify your Google Voice forwarding phone in the next 10 days Syed Muntazir Abbas Naqvi 5:19 AM
should I cancel? kw gv 8/26/16
Please stop port in that's not initiated yet RSanon 8/26/16
When calling from a phone does it appear as the google voice # or our own number? gnaiii 5:42 AM
Can I get my land line number as my Google Voice number? Land line 8/26/16
HELP PLEASE! Switched from Sprint to AT&T -- GV wont let me update.... Gail Scalesse 5:56 AM
Won't allow porting from T-Mobile? Jonathan Schalliol 8/26/16
Secondary Number Fee Question Srikant M. 8/26/16
Making the $3 payment to port out Michael Field Jr 8/26/16
Problems porting out Aryeh L. Sobel 7:08 AM
AT&T Number Port Team Heidel 8/26/16
Port Pageplus number to GV delayed--they told me to "contact my new carrier" danielkeng 8/26/16
How can I port a number when I no longer have access to that phone Christian Geye 8/26/16
Delayed Port-In from AT&T - 48+ Hours B-Mad 8/26/16
Delayed porting wolverine2 5:15 AM
Issues during sign up! Jessica Cheu 8/26/16
porting delays DMZ909 8/26/16
The Port has been running for 3 days from Verizon ShirleyChen 8/26/16
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