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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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I need to delete my google voice number and the "delete" option is not there when I follow the directions. aslamb 6:26 PM
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Porting Number Ffrom Hooyle Voice doomteam1 7:25 PM
Unlock Google Voice for Cox Business? Inlow Guitars 4:16 PM
How to reclaim my google voice number? Albert Rohland 9:00 AM
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Transferring a land line to Google Voice Sandy Ginal 1:36 PM
transfering a number in both directions Vincenzo Shabeeb 4:46 PM
Ported Number into Google Voice & it does not receive calls Eric 2 Sax 6/17/18
Just ported my number. Callers Hear Phone is disconnected message OBI Phone 6/17/18
Fi to Google Voice to Sprint Porting Issue Serge Berig 6:29 AM
Number Port Issue Brennan Coldiron 6/17/18
Number that has been ported for months all of a sudden cannot receive incoming calls and gives error we could not complete your call Dennis Laflin 6/16/18
Can I port an existing number over to Google Voice? how? Peter Pinsak 6/16/18
I have ported my GV number to AT&T. it is still forwarding to GV. Tanglin 6/16/18
Ported Number to Sprint, successfully, but google voice app still showing same number. Damian Javier 6/16/18
How to Transfer GV(Google Voice) # to other Google Account Ekaterina Stezura 6/16/18
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