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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Using Google Voice for picking up text/calls on email only planetmeg 8:41 AM
Text messages from an undefined number. Kimberly McCoy 8:22 AM
Can i talk to a human Lauren Ganz 4:29 AM
Hi,I have a Cell line that is closed and i want to use that no as my Google Voice No.Is it possible to do so?Please advise DasMa 4:17 AM
Verifcation Google Voice Ali Client 4:17 AM
OOPS Issue with porting a number from AT&T GoPhone to Google Voice. Ron Ladd 5/29/15
Phone# nathanael jackowski 5/29/15
The Google Voice number service has not refunded my $20.00 for a canceled subscription service to Google Voice. How do I get I my refund from them? It was claimed that a refund was being processed, but my bank account shows otherwise. Daniel Smith IV 5/29/15
Orphaned Voice Number Mark Smerchek 5/29/15
Port Error Kevin Rickson 5/29/15
Google Voice Number Tweety Ko 5/29/15
Can't complete the process in reclaiming my old Google voice number Santana Tripplehorn 5/29/15
porting problems Jackie Wolfe 5/28/15
Porting Number from GV to Ting, need port out pin Joel Jossie 5/28/15
Porting Google Voice number to Actual Cell Service Provider... Leon Daley 5/28/15
Port in issue Cesar Santana 5/28/15
account # Jordan Henderson 5/28/15
Request a refund Renée Cruz 5/28/15
Porting only one number of several within my Verizon account. Cale Furstenberg 5/28/15
Reveive phone calls via e-mail Joe Dughman 5/28/15
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