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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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[Helpful Tip] The "Mark as best answer" button - Use it! Matt Bariletti - Community Manager 8/29/13
[Please Read] Number Selection Error Matt Bariletti - Community Manager 4/20/13
Number ported from AT&T, but when I call it, it says number is disconnected. J Jurado 1:23 PM
Google Voice cannot verify my cellphone number. The error message prompts IMMEDIATELY after I click the "connect button" Wenzhe Wei 4/19/14
Cancel port out (relock google voice number) Ting Chui 4/19/14
Failure to receive some texts after port (and it's been more than 5 days) natwales 4/19/14
GV port half way, now stuck Aaron Parkinson 4/19/14
how do i add another forwarding number Nikkiah Williams-Settles 4/19/14
After porting out, number still not cleared from Google Voice system. to0i1ycgu 4/18/14
Porting out of GV W Handy2 4/18/14
Number Porting Incomplete, Able to make calls/send texts, incoming still goes to GV werkkrew 4/18/14
How long is it going to take to port the number already verified with att that google took the port yesterday @ 4:43 pm and the phone isn't working this is for a business and very important that the phone works and I have been on hold for 1 hr Acworth Storage 4/18/14
porting multiple numbers from one Sprint plan? xucaen 4/18/14
What is my google phone number. My G-mail is jthe...@gmail.com Jonathan Lampman 4/18/14
add a second gv number using 2 different email account with the same mobile device number Hadiyyah William 4/18/14
Google Voice forwarding not working Acworth Storage 4/18/14
suspension because of texting clients Shantel MsSadity Tracey 4/18/14
Trying to port out my Google Voice number, I unlocked it and paid the $3 fee a month ago, but Verizon says Google is refusing to release the number. Help!! D&D Chudzik 4/18/14
I heard that google voice service is going away is that true? Head Geek 4/18/14
Help needed - "Relock my number" not showing up Ben Hambleton 4/18/14
Help needed -- I need to recover my Gmail/GVoice account and I don't have the login, BUT i have the google voice number?? M Will 4/18/14
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