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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Error porting my cell phone number to google voice Jonathan Nelson2 5/27/16
Transfer cell number from Lycamobile to Google Voice Sorin Trimbitas 5/27/16
Four days since submitting request to port VZ number to GV. Any idea on how long it should take? Karen Bleemel 5/27/16
Porting issues Tyson Goeltz 5/27/16
Port-In from ATT has been over 24 Hours... Jesse Ericksen 5/26/16
2 Google Voice number forwarded t the same cell? Kmjohnson 5/27/16
Porting from Project Fi to Google Voice, how to escalate to speed up? No progress so far. wenzhong wang 5/27/16
Porting Google Voice Number to Straight Talk alpha2g1 5/26/16
Cost to port number? Woodg 5/26/16
Adding a cell phone for notifications from GV and being able to call the GV home # from these phones. GV does not allow. Rudi Hammer 5/27/16
Porting a number out of google voice Thomas Kollars 5/26/16
I'm trying to port my number to GV. I get to the $20 on time payment and get an "invalid street address" next to the expiration date. Is there another way to make the on time payment? I've tried two credit cards and get the same error msg. Jeanette Warren 5/26/16
Unfreeze my gvoice # for Porting Hill Morrison 5/26/16
How do i setup Google voice for a US phone number while travelling internationally? Sudha Padmanabhan 5/26/16
Port number without access to phone Brittany_Corbin 5/26/16
I picked a telephone number already in use Terry Linehan 5/26/16
google voice .need giogle voice help 5/26/16
Porting Number Out and Google Voice Account Rick Schwarz 5/27/16
Need clarification on porting/changing number fees... cheri7829 5/25/16
Unable to add forwarding number? Jaisen Thomas 5/25/16
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