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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Correcting an porting error (corporate plan mistake). Sue Summit 7:53 AM
Any way to rerun a port request after removing corporate affiliation? 4Amy 5:55 AM
transfering my google number to my new phone Tanya Person 5:54 AM
Ported out calling Aaron Thorn 5:15 AM
port out issues andyvegas 7/2/15
unable to port my sprint/GV number.... Christina Kaczorowski 7/2/15
Port a number and Voicemail access Consult Guy 7/2/15
How do I find out if GoogleVoice still has my number? Richard Kidd 7/2/15
Change number San Powell 7/2/15
Help with porting a number. jo pascarella 7/2/15
My port has said 'You have a porting request in progress. Click here to view the status' for three days. Please help. Alex Grzankowski 7/2/15
Port out of GV - Scheduled 10 days from order date. Can it be moved up? egall428 7/2/15
Error Message Help tinkerminx 7/2/15
I need a way to contact Google Voice! Al Davis 13 7/2/15
24 Hours later, port has not completed from Net10 to GVoice Joshua Nassiri 7/2/15
How can I port my current Google Voice Number used by Sprint? John Mansell 7/2/15
How can I use my landline number as my Google Voice Number Fatou NJie 7/2/15
porting number verification Stephen rex 7/2/15
Time to transfer out. MF10 7/2/15
It's been 23.5 hours and number still not ported into GV. Any help? Jason Force 7/1/15
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