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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Why does it say invalid forwarding phone? Google Voice forwarding phone not valie 12:23 PM
Moving out of the country chelsea fay 8:40 AM
When trying to confirm my number during Number Port Process, I do not receive a phone call and cannot input the code. Daniel Shor 9:45 AM
Porting from T Mobile ndt1000 6:14 AM
PSA for Anyone Switching to Xfinity Mobile Service GeekLad 5:01 AM
Porting US number (Verizon) to Google Voice outside of the US? Heidi Lange 6:15 AM
porting from at&t prepaid Doug Meyers 5:08 AM
Connection error when trying to get porting options from T-Mobile to GVoice joe beuckman 5:50 AM
AT&T Porting Thomas Ruby 8/16/17
Voicemail does not work, it says "we cannot complete your call". Abbie Rocker 9:42 AM
How do you get text messages & voicemails forwarded to your personal phone? Courtney Houli 9:26 AM
Hi i ported out my number from google voice to an other carrier isaac Deutsch 6:25 AM
I need my old (original) google voice number back to my account. Tmps1 8:09 AM
How to port my number from Google Voice back to my landline Denise Riedel 12:00 PM
my number was deleted? mike gabrielli 12:08 PM
Me cargaron 2 veces el monto en mi cuenta de banco Scarlett Salazar Araujo 7:05 AM
set up michelle petrie 6:58 AM
I added a line of service to my ATT account and was going to use my google voice number that I got 2 months ago. I even paid the 3 dollars to unlock it Adrianna Tefertiller 6:24 AM
How to Delete Google Voice Number Vijay Veera 8/16/17
The highlighted field(s) contain invalid input momimdr 8/16/17
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