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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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porting issue porting issue help 2/27/15
transferred a number that was paid for to port on accident beth parker218 2/27/15
Trying to Port out to AT&T. They say it's still locked? Aimee Brennan 2/27/15
VOIP to Pre-paid cell to Google Voice keyur.itchhaporia 2/27/15
my goggle voice doesnt show how to add a number. I click on setting but still the page will not show the add another number crawford091 2/27/15
I currently have a google number, can I port another phone number Thanks Arthur Luca 2/27/15
Does anyone know if ting.com is supported? Eliza Bone 2/27/15
Mixed Messages About Port Cash at Folsom 2/27/15
Unable to port my T-mobile number to GV Rob R. N 2/27/15
Trouble Porting Phone Shad Prechtl 2/27/15
Incorrect Tax ID or pin Casa KEFALAS 2/27/15
Issues receiving text messages B. Knight 2/27/15
Technical Issues to Unlock N DanPwave1111 2/27/15
Still receiving texts on my old iPhone from certain people Alicia Clarke 2/27/15
How do I port my AT&T messaging number into Google Voice? It's not a cell phone or a landline. Wiley Rankin 2/26/15
Porting number David Deitel 2/26/15
Stop a forwarded Google Voice, when account is closed. Nalini123546 2/26/15
I ported my # to google and now they say if I try to cancel voice with my cell # I will lose it to google. How can I cancel without losing my cell #. I also did not know about the $20.00 fee until I tried to cancel. Help Linda Bruner 2/26/15
Not able to port att prepaid no to google voice Shahzad Lari 2/26/15
I have two mobile phones, work and personal, want to port my personal # to Google Voice and get rid of the personal phone. Hank Stallings 2/26/15
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