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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Number block Stacy Jefferson 8:01 PM
Port number, still work with no cell phone plan? Simpson Chen 5:53 PM
is there a way to get my old number back and or the history of the calls and texr and vm Lil Joe Powell 4:46 PM
Google no longer allows me to use my ported phone number Mike Mansell 10:32 AM
Change my primary number tima Gist 9:36 AM
port number Girish Bali 11:28 AM
How do I port my Gv number to my new cell? j beer 10:55 AM
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Porting number out of Google to Verizo issues Jason Kleinman 12:13 PM
Google Voice Number verification Justin storm 8:03 AM
Google fi and voice issues? Hope1 7/22/16
Google Voice error trying to port in AT&T GoPhone mobile number Jim Moen 7/22/16
How can I complete my phone number port without phone account information? A Benson 7/22/16
Can I park a number indefinitely in order to preserve it while in transition of moving to a different provider? Maddie Christensen 7/22/16
Confusiuon over Port from Consumer Cellular Andrew Sauerwein 7/22/16
Porting out clarification Larissa Gaias 7/22/16
Google Voice Port Request Pending for 60 Hours T_P 7/22/16
I may have made a mistake in choosing my google voice number kellyj104 7/22/16
Moving to Europe Erin Weiner 7/22/16
I wanted to get a custom number for my business when opening a new account at TMobile but they don't have the option to choose a #. They just give you a random selected #. If I get a GV number here, am I able to port it over to my new cell service? Velina Lujan 7/22/16
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