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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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I need to delete my voicemail but have already changed my google voice number. Benton Perry 10:24 PM
24+ hours waiting to get Port in Alexander May 10:08 PM
Unable to Get a Google Voice Number Celeste Mackert 7:18 PM
Port problem Sowadski. Cliff 7:21 PM
Sprint is asking me for account number and pin number as I try to port my number out. Eugene Vigil 4:25 PM
Can more than 1 Google Voice # be forwarded to the same phone # (i.e. 1 cell phone)? Richard Leon 4:15 PM
Port request was cancelled accidentally??? Edwin Gil 5:00 PM
Porting process stuck in cancellation mode Wesley Isaak 2:33 PM
Issues porting my T-Mobile number to GV Anup Gandhi 3:25 PM
porting number - unable to receive verification call Madhavi G 11:29 AM
It's now 3 hours past the typical 24 hour porting period and I have a lingering status message of, "Number change pending" ... pending what? George Yager 11:05 AM
"Connection Error" message when I try port my mobile number to Google Voice Sarah O'Leary 9:25 AM
HELP -- Cannot Verify Ported Number to G Voice scottidee 10:58 AM
I have tried to reclaim number , but not working! Utility Accounts 7:26 AM
Cant choose the one and only 603 area code phone number available - Keep getting an error occurred. Roberta Eastman 7:07 AM
Your number should be ported within 24 hours. Gio DeMarcus 6:38 AM
Can a Google Voice be ported over elsewhere? Al In DFW 4:56 AM
number show unlock but tmobile said the number still "lock" kass-blue 4:55 AM
Cannot answer porting verification call Adamtd101 4:58 AM
Help, I'm trying to port my number mackenzie lee 5:01 AM
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