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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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I want to get my phone off Sprint completely, but it's currently on Seasonal Standby Daniel JT Moore 2:10 PM
Cannot find my linked numbers listed on my Google account. middlebit 1:08 PM
Porting a single cell number from cell provider with multiple cells on account Al Camp 12:49 PM
Porting to GV from T-Mobile - stating carrier not supported RobinsonML 11:52 AM
Still struggling to port my number over to Google Voice jeff w4345 11:38 AM
need to port in my number from my phone that was stolen (it's turned off) Sarah Klensch 11:34 AM
Reporting a Google Voice Number Narges 10:45 AM
Porting my T-mobile number to G voice - when to cancel my plan? Elena Shishkova 9:05 AM
Trouble porting AT&T number to Google Voice Matt LaChance 12:49 PM
I want to port my Verizon # to Google Voice & use only on WiFi. Do I need new mobile service? Julie George 10:56 AM
Why is my porting of a mobile telephone taking more that 48 hours? Ann Welles 1/21/18
I cannot port a number to my account. It does not have a number associated with it ct 1/21/18
"Connection Error Please Try Again" When trying to Port Number to Google Voice Michael Romay 1/21/18
Port number to GoogleVoice - Getting "Connection error. Please try again." hungyen36 1/21/18
Error[[OR-IEH-01] in paying the credit for porting the number mahesh kumar 1/21/18
Unable to Receive Voicemail/Access Google Voice Features Steve-O21 1/20/18
Port request dissappeared Geoff SwayD 1/20/18
Ported number is no longer in my account. Jerry Mercado 1/19/18
Received email notice of successful porting into GV, but cannot activate ported number in GV account Marissa Gurdian 1/19/18
My Google Apps account was deleted by Google, and my Google Voice number was deleted along with it. djccraig 1/19/18
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