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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Canceling my Comcast line Catherine Hambley 7:07 PM
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where is my ported number Demetris Brown 1:33 PM
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How do i get a google voice number? I've tried everything its very complicated. Gymnastic Girl123 9:16 AM
Already Paid $20 to Port-In 1st GV# a while ago - Do I have to Pay another $20 to Make my 1st GV# permanent after a 2nd Port-In to Same GV Acct? Ueokoro2 6:49 AM
Sending pictures via GV Allicia Darling 5:45 AM
help Kimberly Guyton 4/24/15
Password/PIN required or incorrect when port gophone to GV Karen Brier 4/24/15
Port from AT&T GoPhone to GV stuck "in process" - Please help!!! Ueokoro1 4/24/15
How do I port 2 numbers out of google voice into a new phone system ? I have went through google and keep getting error messages saying the numbers do not exist ? Stephen Jaffe 4/24/15
Number has been disconnected James Haist 4/24/15
Active Google Voice number ported into Verizon without consent benny2301 4/24/15
Port-in status - ERROR Code: Password/PIN Required Jan Winston 4/24/15
port out account number and pass Narendra kanna 4/24/15
Porting request problem reported, but status still says in progress. PortingLoop 4/24/15
How do I port a straighttalk (Verizon) nuber to google voice? Jackson Avon 4/24/15
Initially set up voice lite with incorrect gmail account - how to correct? PamelaJohnson 4/24/15
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