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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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how do i get ported number to ring and not go to voicemail? Bob Poggi 4/19/18
Tried to port a corporate or employer-owned number. Refund link in email does not work. Emilych123 4/19/18
Unable to send or receive texts since porting out of Google Voice to T-Mobile on 4/16. sub3020 1:26 AM
Porting # from Simple Mobile Temp Phone Arlen Rotunno 4/19/18
Google Voice and Grasshopper Peter Chawner 4/19/18
How to port a number. Truett Preslar 4/18/18
I ported my old number to my account to use with Obihai 200 and now its gone. Charles Chiasson 4/19/18
Suggestion regarding second GV number... Geoffrey Lovitz 7:03 AM
How to port phone number Jean Fondelier 4/18/18
Have I lost my number? megomcd 4/18/18
Sharing google voice number Sadaf Patel 4/18/18
Set up issue Cristine Jones 4/18/18
How do I port my phone number over to T-Mobile? I have a GoDaddy/ Smartline and T-Mobile has stated it's showing that the phone number is actually being used through google voice and is locked to them. Sunny Makati 4/17/18
Problems receiving text messages after porting from GV back to ATT luke87gt 1:14 AM
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