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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Help on transferring prepaid/active Tmobile # to GV Ramesh R 8:52 AM
It says my number cannot be ported. Robyn Ogden 8:51 AM
I can't make newly ported number permanent. I don't have a way to pay $20 hegdesan 8:49 AM
Porting an old number, and adding a message. brucesmall 8:27 AM
Can't Get A Number Hbg Bill 7:54 AM
receiving calls Mark R. Nelson 7:04 AM
Porting a number when not in US Sangeetha Sabarinath 4:32 AM
Cancel a port from Verizon Linda Ipaye 4:34 AM
"Connection Error" when trying to port a number Andy Tyra 7:48 AM
Porting back to Google Voice from PhonePower EightOfTwentySeven 9/25/16
Consistent getting "There was an error with your request" Michael F Schwartz 9/25/16
Ported out from GoogleVoice, now calls fail to complete Holger Ketterle 9/25/16
Problems porting number from VZW Dustin Graybill 9/25/16
Google voice Brittney Ewing 9/25/16
Port Multiple numbers to Google Voice briggsb 9/25/16
getting a Google Voice number Sylvee Crockett 9/25/16
Got a call from 202-455-8888 MC112 9/25/16
unsupported area / carrier error msgs Shawn Foltz 9/25/16
Add a number to google voice account Benjamin Nguyen 9/25/16
Get "Your mobile number can not be ported at this time." when trying to port ATT GoPhone mobile # Brian Napora 9/25/16
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