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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Problem creating a second google voice # jmanera 3:48 PM
I need help porting a number. Mike Cancila 5:11 PM
How do I keep my original Google Phone # after porting my mobile number to the account -- EVERY PAGE SAYS YOU CAN DO THIS, NONE SAYS HOW!!! spiffysftxghjdtyikdty 5:13 PM
Could someone please help me, I deactivated my account 4 days ago Megan Doctor 2:40 PM
24 hours for cancelling Project never work! 30 hours for activation phone never work. Wendy Echo 12:40 PM
No number displayed in Legacy Voice Bryan Porter 2:34 PM
I want to transfer my google voice number. Brittney Caraway 10:59 AM
how can I get my google voice voice mail to go directly to my forwarded phone's voicemail Mathieu Roberts 9:27 AM
How am I able to have voicemails left on my landline business phone show up on google voice? AlignSD Wellness Center 11:01 AM
"Porting your mobile number to Google Voice is unavailable" Drew Fridley 11:12 AM
The activation process may take over 24 hours and may never work Wendy Echo 6:31 AM
Text Messages: Do they still go to GV during port? Miguel Ali 3:04 AM
If port to GV is rejected because interim port to T-Mobile just became fully effective, will I get another shot? mtzmtz 2:47 AM
Project Fi --> Google Voice porting, DAY 3 and still not complete abec123 10:44 AM
Confirm/Clarify Porting Process (mobile to Google Voice) groomerdude 5/24/18
Landline carrier telling me Google Voice porting is possible...Google Voice porting tool telling me it's not Fidget774 5/24/18
Porting in from Airvoice Wireless MVNO second try... idesignstuff 5/24/18
Area code not supported by GV Lynda Jamysen 5/24/18
Stuck at "Your port is being cancelled" green beret 3:19 PM
Call forwarding not working Ketan D Shinde 8:07 AM
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