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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Your request to port is in process FOR 2 DAYS!!!!!!! Hector A Padilla 5:39 AM
Switch from corporate account to port number? Calliec27 4:33 AM
how can i get my google voice number dior papi 4:32 AM
Outbound calls to specific numbers failing after porting to Google Voice. Jessi Thompson 2005 3:41 AM
Refund Han-Hsin Lin 12:23 AM
i tried to port my google voice number but it didnt go through successfully warsaw79 8/31/15
Ported my primary GV#. Now can't find the secondary (or really any Voice account) lbandrew 8/31/15
How do I move my son's phone number, currently on Sprint, but not for long, to Google Voice? NCDoc919 8/31/15
Immediately remove old number after porting in new one mlgordon1234 8/31/15
porting to google voice cancels carrier contract, right? Joyce Frye 8/31/15
Account Suspended - Appeal did not work, can I get my number back? Sanjiv J 8/31/15
can't attach a google voice number Sourav Jamil 8/31/15
question about porting a number David Avellan 8/31/15
Google Voice port to AT&T, can't receive calls KH123 8/31/15
I need to port two numbers into google voice to my business line. Is that something that I am able to do with google voice? Brad Srutowski 8/31/15
Relocking Google Voice Number cander21 8/31/15
Want to reclaim my original GV number after unsuccessful porting lbandrew 8/31/15
Transfer # Shuo Chen 8/31/15
Google voice greeting and carrier greeting Mt Airy Forest Apartments LLC 8/31/15
GV Won't Port Out My Number After I Paid to Have it Unlocked Christian S72 8/31/15
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