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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Why can my wife's number be ported but mine can't? Same area code, same prefix willphule 3:46 PM
Reach forwarded phone if both phones are on fowarding list Sherman Hsu 12:08 PM
How do I find my account number and pin? Paul Deitch 7:16 AM
Need help with error Andrew Buescher 12:14 PM
Where do I enter AT&T PIN and/or SSN for Port? Jake Alter 4/30/16
new number meg patty 12:16 PM
Issue with Porting ATT number to Google Voice. Jayakrishnan Ramachandran Nair 4/30/16
Problem with porting my AT&T number MJWalshVA 6:24 AM
How to get phone number mona A 4/30/16
Voice is telling me I cannot port my mobile # over Daniel Ascher 1:17 PM
ported # Google voice number stopped working mike benjamin1 4/30/16
Porting Number Outside US Rebecca Wall 4/29/16
???? Tanaya Majeed 4/30/16
Does Google Voice allow porting Hawaii 808 Phone numbers? Henry Pham 4/29/16
Try to port my ATT prepaid gophone number to Google voice. Jade Bai 4/30/16
Cannot register my phone number for google voice ajiazkhan81 4/29/16
Is there still a $20 fee when keeping old GV number when the old number was ported. Raghav Verma 4/29/16
Trying to port my Google Voice number out, provider says there are 'special instructions' on the account.....what is this? Josh McCullough 4/29/16
google voice porting question James B123 4/29/16
Why won't Google Voice allow me to port my number from Republic Wireless? Rose W-D 4/29/16
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