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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Port to GV seems stuck Gertrud Nelson 6:38 PM
Port from AT&T into Google pending for over 4 days - ending in 6474 DanielCssl 6:49 PM
Port from T-mobile number: first attempt unsuccessful, now the number "cannot be ported at this time." Maxwell Mileck 3:08 PM
Can I use a wifi hotspot from boost mobile phone number as my phone number? Jesse Nievelt 10:40 AM
Recover Google Voice Number Total Network TEK 8:54 AM
Request to port number from Ting is pending for 3 weeks Cristi Br 1:20 PM
Porting Number from Tmobile to GV and stuck in process more than 5 days rin huang 9:24 AM
Porting request from Verizon Wireless Stuck/Taking over 5 days with no status updates Jennifer Pici 6:26 AM
Can your carrier hold your phone number from porting? Spencer Thornburg 10:49 AM
Help deleting a number from my goodle voice account T M. 5:49 AM
AT&T Porting into GV Error Kabah Conda 9:36 AM
Urgent: issue porting number e30slidewayz 9:16 AM
All voicemails on my cell (personal and google voice) now go to google voice email?? WHY Aaron Gillaspie 5:58 AM
Re Port Cell Phone Number Michael Scott Health Moxy 5:38 AM
Recurring error message when trying to select a google voice phone number from google's list Gonz Austin 12/8/16
Sent texts in messaging not showing google voice number Ellie Black 9:08 AM
I paid $20 bucks to have my VERIZON wireless number ported to GOOGLE VOICE now it has been a week and all it keeps saying is in process in process in process WHY and can I get my money back? Morris Dupree 12/8/16
Porting proble. Biswajit Datta 12/7/16
Help, please! Porting from Verizon still in progress after almost a week. What can I do? Any number to call? Mann Du 12/8/16
I have unknowingly recharged to a different google voice number. Is there a way to get my money back or use it later for my original number. Srivatsan Subramanian 12/7/16
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