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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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Porting phone number while out of coverage area Everynamehasbeentaken 12:54 PM
Question about setting up google voice Sarah Leffler 12:58 PM
Google Voice keeps rejecting my old AT&T acount pin even though I double checked with AT&T DNA4Paul 12:43 PM
Porting 2 numbers Rosalynd M 12:52 PM
Ported number not available Orders HouseOfReynolds 12:12 PM
Tried to port number, credit card charge, not able to be done. HOW TO GET REFUND??? Aquanetta Wright 11:55 AM
I tried to change my port number to my number 786 525 9811, the $20 charge was processed on my credit card however the transfer was not done. I paid weeks ago but I've not heard anything. Please advise. Viky Verna 9:41 AM
Why is google being rejected when calling me to enter the verification code? Trouble with google 11:04 AM
Porting landline to Google Nicole Krysinski 8:37 AM
Timing of porting a number K2ktoo 11:28 AM
Porting #while travelling Jennifer Fatzler 4:46 AM
Number port/locked out email Nakeia Jones 1/22/17
port phone number from t mobile sim Becky Grippin 1/22/17
Change my number for google voice Wright rhonda 1/22/17
Change my number for google voice Wright rhonda 1/22/17
Can i set up google voice from mexico? and also port a U.S cell number to a Mexican cell number HEATHER HERNANDEZ 42206 1/22/17
Ported number, Voice still intercepting some texts Kenjamin 1/22/17
google voice porting in progress for last 72 hrs Kripakaran Karlekar 1/22/17
Urgent - ported wrong number Eric Spurling 1/22/17
Can Google please Unlock or Unport my number so it can't be ported away? qwaliti 1/22/17
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