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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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porting AT&T number to google voice number annie wu 5:50 PM
Porting Cell Number and Google Voice Number sanjay92 4:00 PM
New GV # HECM 4:05 PM
How to port old # ? ElenoreS 7:47 AM
Port Number sanjay92 11:57 AM
How do I get my phone number back to being unlocked for porting purposes? Charlie Needs Help 11/18/17
Add another number to my google voice account Ruby Tooshoes 11/18/17
ATT number initially portable, then not Fontaine Foxworth 11/18/17
Can port wife's Verizon number but not my Verizon number SmithTS 11/18/17
Porting a second number to my google voice account Reza Zarif 11/18/17
Why don't I see the option to port my number? Faisal Ha 11/18/17
porting my T-Mobile number to GV FIFA Player Agent 11/18/17
Porting Straight Talk home phone number to Google Voice E J Freeman 11/17/17
Porting my number to google voice FIFA Player Agent 11/17/17
Porting from T-Mobile to Google Voice Andrew Sgro 11/17/17
Why can't Google port my AT&T number to Google Voice? Adrian M Thompson 11/18/17
Your Verizon Wireless mobile number can not be ported to Google Voice at this time. Why were three different Verizon Wireless numbers not porting? 202 area code with the 878 subdivision? Help? Honest Johnnie 11/17/17
Verizon Wireless Prepaid Plans Honest Johnnie 11/18/17
hello - my phone carrier is at & t , i have a google voice number - which i use 100% of the time -i want to port my google # over to at t, would i still be able to use the google voice page on my computer with all my contacts and messages if i port derek laveau 11/17/17
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