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Porting a Number to/from Google Voice

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I'm trying to unlock my google voice number to port it out to a cell phone service. It says successful but does not charge me and is not available for my cell phone service to port. Please help! Shelby Raybin 2/24/18
Should i Delete my google voice number after its been ported to AT&T or wait? SMC1965 2/24/18
reactivate google voice kumarmanojreddy123 2/24/18
Porting from Tello (Sprint MVNO) to Google Voice Susan Herhold 2/24/18
Porting number question Christina Schickler 2/24/18
Can I have 2 phone numbers assigned to one GV account?? RedMountain 2/23/18
AT&T Number Port: Billing Pin Code and SS# jh221 2/23/18
GV number that I paid to retain is in limbo ibap 2/23/18
Porting issue from t-mobile to Google Voice - you have reached a non-working number. Sharon Rifkind 2/23/18
Can't view old GV number that I paid to keep when I ported my cell number to GV ibap 2/22/18
problem trying to port my Ting cellphone number to google voice michael burke 2/21/18
Is SIM card required for 2nd Device, if first device has working U.S. SIM? HMac0424 2/22/18
Maine Google Voice numbers & or porting my prepaid Verizon number to GV Belfast, Maine 2/21/18
I paid the porting fee, but it says my number cannot be ported. Barry Failor 2/21/18
My Number is lost while porting from Google Voice to Vonage Business BryanB 2/20/18
GV sees my Straighttalk # as Verizon. Verizon says its a Straighttalk number. Karl Koning 2/20/18
How can I port my google voice number back? Esha Bhardwaj 2/20/18
Forwarding not working Travis Lane Jenkins 2/24/18
Porting to GV problems Terry Schillinger 2/21/18
can i put foraward number before port is done? Quintin Glover 2/20/18
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