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Account credit, security and privacy

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I’ve been getting harassed from different google voice numbers for 7 months Carmen Lee 6/15/18
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How to cancel refund request in Google voice Dinesh K. Dixit 6/15/18
my credit card was charged, but I don't see credit in my google voice songsuk 11:26 AM
Help me reaffirm my account. Richard Faulk 6/14/18
why has google voice blocked me from logging in to my account ? Breeanni Sanchez 6/14/18
Third party sending messages from my GV# Amanda Marcantel Hammond 6/13/18
Legacy Google Voice Internal Server Error 500 CIJ Team 6/13/18
Ghost calls from 1006 1006 Jason Bermudez_CA 6/13/18
Your refund failed for unexpected reasons Ettore Pancini 6/13/18
my payments are getting declined vipul makani 6/18/18
not able to add credit with several bank cards. Hyesook Jang 6/13/18
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