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Account credit, security and privacy

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Google Voice SMS Limit - Unable to do work with low limit Google Voice SMS Limit 6:33 PM
finding out who is sending me messages via google voice renato456 4:37 PM
Today I was charged for a call to a USA number. At https://www.google.com/voice/b/0?pli=1#history this is the text I see "+17127757400 Add - Carroll, IA 9/2/15 2:00 PM 52 minutes ago 43 minutes long and cost $0.43 ". Everything I've read, and severat Mike Cariaso 4:18 PM
I've deleted the #, some random angry lady is still getting my calls, HOW DO I DELETE THIS %&$*ing THING Vincent Richetti 2:38 PM
Using Google Wallet to purchase calling credit on Google Voice Arunprasath Rajendran 1:04 PM
Prepaid Debit cards(including Google Wallet) not accepted on Google Voice Arunprasath Rajendran 12:32 PM
Is Google Voice available to Canadian customers yet? Thinkpointgroup 11:37 AM
Error Paying for my monthly $10.00 fee, help? Kiki4me 9/1/15
Reimbursment for Monies paid? Eric Witte 9/1/15
I get texts/calls to my GV number... but so does someone else! Abby Dan 9/1/15
about getting a correct area code for your number Steve Laino 8/31/15
I'm getting this error whenever I try to add funds to my Google Voice Account. hardik doshi 8/31/15
Account Credit tinalina 8/31/15
need google phone # Jacob Jean 8/31/15
GV sending repeat duplicate text messages DanGTx 8/31/15
Ошибка в платеже при пополнении баланса google hangouts butovchenko 8/31/15
Hangouts on Android problem bettisfr 8/31/15
Google voice support phone number/chat Christopher Acosta 8/30/15
If you change your Google Voice#, is your new number unknown to your contacts? ducks97403 8/30/15
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