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Account credit, security and privacy

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I am pretty sure someone is harassing me through google voice. How can I get this to stop? Lizakel 11:08 PM
i know the user and pass, but forgot the phone # that's registered. Nico Teodoro 7:59 PM
I would like a refund of my google voice balance. bhandsaker 7:53 PM
PIN Mikaela Rodriguez 6:19 PM
How do I recover my account that has no recovery or reset information? star frogs 3:06 PM
Cant access Google Voice account Mark Morelli 2:40 PM
Google voice charged me VAT pradeep sharmas 6:45 AM
Unable to puchase voice credit through wallet Satish Tadepalli 6:41 AM
earthquake in Nepal Ramesh Nepal 6:29 AM
Not able to add credit olivia ojadi 4/26/15
Strange text Adam Fumia 4/26/15
Want to report scammer on Trulia placing fake ads with Google Voice number - I spoke to him pleasemakeitwork 4/25/15
I have my google number but I do not have the email I used to created the google voice account. How can I figure this out? Sean Hil 4/24/15
Refund from Google voice Ranjan... 4/23/15
Forgot google-voice/gmail login info and gvoice phone#, I do have the forwarding/home number and the password.....can I retrieve my username/account? Johnny Rocks 4/23/15
Unusual Charge for Domestic Call Dan Brill 4/23/15
Does Google Voice credit really expire? I have had a few cents credit forever, without expiration. But if I buy $10 worth, and go for 6 months without using any, it would expire? Does anyone have experience with this? XB77 4/23/15
where do i find my phone number Jen Podesta 4/23/15
Third Party using Google Voice Number After Porting Paul Volodarsky 4/22/15
Receiving text in E-Mail repeatedly. Does NOT show up in Hangouts/Voice. Help? scotttocs 4/22/15
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