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Account credit, security and privacy

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GV calls people ALL the time with my GV number and Its not me making the calls, How can I stop this? Andrew Holley 7:04 AM
I send nowhere near even 100 texts per day via GV but reached"limit"today by sending only 10-15 texts to same contact. GV user (former? fan) 3/31/15
sending text but saying text not sent because sms limit was reach,why? Stevep112 3/31/15
one google voice number; multiple people access the call log and can listen to messages Alan Yockey 3/31/15
International Calls Ramtin Khah 3/31/15
Someone else with the same number reading my texts?? Briana Detweiler 3/30/15
Transfer google voice credit from one account to other Shani Sidhu 3/30/15
Repeated calls from some jail in Illinois Annoyed by collect calls 3/30/15
Update of my credit card info oxkaufman 3/30/15
I've had my google voice number and someone else got assigned it and has access to my messages Robert Balbin 3/30/15
Unauthorized text messages being sent from GV to my girlfriends phone even after securing account Skyelf 3/29/15
unidentifiable google voice number in address area of a recovered account Margaret Mae 3/29/15
help Codster 3/28/15
google credit is not seen Prasad Senadheera 3/28/15
Please help me transfer my Google voice credit over to my google wallet or credit back to my paypal account. Michael A. Smith 3/28/15
Refund my balance Gabriel A Diaz 3/28/15
Refund my balance Gabriel A Diaz 3/28/15
Call charges to carrier even after using Google Voice Sheelendra Singh 3/28/15
Someone answered my call in my voicemail Star Seller 3/27/15
there is a google voice number that is forwarding to my land number. I did not set this up and I want to stop it. nycannette 3/26/15
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