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Secondary Number Fee Question Srikant M. 8/26/16
My number works for some carriers and not others. Home 227#### 8/26/16
Won't allow porting from T-Mobile? Jonathan Schalliol 8/26/16
48 hours have pass, Porting from Verizon haloking465 8/26/16
Why is porting from Verizon taking so long Jose Baires 8/26/16
Assistance requested - 48 Hour since port request. One done without an issue in exactly 24 hours. The other still pending after 48 hours. PghGoodGuy64 8/26/16
T-Mobile port to GV, 57+ Hours passed, Nothing good yet, seeking help from above... SWA "SA" 8/26/16
porting delays DMZ909 8/26/16
Delayed porting wolverine2 8/26/16
transcription feature stopped working Jody Doktor 8/26/16
Google Voicemail Transcription Texts Stopped Working T Haas 8/26/16
How do I port a number from a business plan? Lisa J. Barone 8/26/16
Port from T-Mobile to Voice almost 48 hrs and counting Dan.Davis 8/26/16
Port hasn't completed - 48+ hours Rick the Great 8/26/16
Port from Verizon Wireless stuck for 5 days. Phone # ending in 7425 Adria Hasha 8/26/16
Callers not getting through...phone and computer don't ring, what's going on? rob curran 8/26/16
Making the $3 payment to port out Michael Field Jr 8/26/16
Want to keep Google voice # when switching to Google Fi Jayshree Gerken 8/26/16
How to NOT receive Texts at certain times Crystal Winn 8/26/16
Voice Team: Port IN Question URGENT Storme King 8/26/16
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