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I still cant make or recieve calls through my gmail account Dreworks 4/20/15
Unwanted calls from all over US on Sprint Phone Natalie Fenger 4/20/15
My google number is active but no longer linked to my phone. Please help!!!!! Justin hunt 317 4/20/15
GV Phone Number Mr. Anthony 4/20/15
Active Google Voice number ported into Verizon without consent benny2301 4/20/15
Google Voice on my Computer Mr. Anthony 4/20/15
Can I purchase Google voice number Kevin Asuncion 4/20/15
Google Voice is silently FAILING to deliver incoming SMS from multiple carriers and devices laurence_2 4/20/15
deleting an old google number if I don't remember it connie s morrison 4/20/15
within my google voice, i would like to leave an answering message how do i record the message for prospective clients? Brandon Gartner 4/20/15
2 GV numbers - set 1 to DND , but the other?? Tina Tysinger 4/20/15
Cannot undo call forwarding. The options don't include remove the temporary forwarding. NVC SC 4/20/15
Harassing Calls Ernesto Garruto 4/20/15
Can't send texts to one contact number cam lu 4/20/15
I have a google voice number but I don't remember the email associated with it. When I go to the account recovery page it says it will send an email to it. Well this doesn't do me any good. Any more suggestions. Cary Rayle 4/20/15
All of a sudden I can't make calls on Google phone. It says download the voice plugin, but when I do that nothing happens. Judith Parrack 4/20/15
Can people outside the US setup a Google Voice number to use, pretending they are from the US? (ie scammers?) Jené Britton 4/20/15
Voicemail No Longer Working - I don't get messages that are left patterrr 4/20/15
Cannot verify number JoshGFialkoff 4/20/15
Third Party using Google Voice Number After Porting Paul Volodarsky 4/20/15
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