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Please allow pasting of an image to a message like you could do in Hangouts! michaeljc70 2/22/17
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Google call recording Nourhan Elsayed 2/22/17
Porting Number form TMoble Vinod Ellath 2/22/17
Bigtime Glitches since "the change"...anyone else? Wrong routing/forwarding & Incomplete Caller ID #s Keith French 2/22/17
Google Voice Legacy tpalermo30 2/22/17
i cannot send GV text messages in hangouts because of the inability to remove linked numbers! dc tech 2/22/17
Outgoing calls Monica Villines 2/22/17
1 Unread message SBAFCEO 1 2/22/17
Why do I have to try multiple times before a call can go through? Hadih1987 2/22/17
How to revert to legacy Google Voice app? siliconbaytech 2/22/17
legacy Jameia Branch 2/22/17
Legacy Google Voice --how to default to it (since Google keeps switching me back to the new version) ian c108 2/22/17
Placing Calls Using the Android App skirler1 2/22/17
Spam & Unwanted Calls/Texts John Fisher Spam Calls/Texts 2/22/17
"New" and now broken google voice interface... James Wheeler 2/22/17
how do I port my landline number to google voice on my cell phone? Patricia Newsom 2/22/17
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