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Google Translator Toolkit API

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Document, TM, and Glossary Format

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watch America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 Episode 1 megavideo abayonsclan 2/29/12
Segments in a personal 'TM Rob19 2/16/12
Unable to upload document to google translation toolkit pandre45 12/7/11
Can you make "Rohingya" available in the language selection list as we need badly to use your Toolkit sidqmg 6/4/12
Can i use the sample code of transliterate fro my blog from http://code.google.com/apis/language/ Ashvin2011 9/8/11
getting "not a valid TMX file" error message when tryin to Add translation memory using file from the TMX spec rbarakx 6/19/10
Easter egg in Google Translator Toolkit BrandyeWenrick 8/6/11
why do you add google translate within web with Chrome when i click right mouse? nguyentannguyen1988 11/24/11
Improving the Translator Toolkit suzanne.slarsky 2/2/11
In azerbaijani there's no word "çövür". Solution: replace "çövür" with "çevir". araz.yusifoglu 7/24/11
API google voice translation? elias kai 2/20/11
I have unsuccessfully tried to upload translation memories in TMX format (from MultiTrans). Laura Nairobi 11/1/11
Can not make Glossaries public PEACEofTampaBay 2/13/11
Google Royal Nagiyev 12/4/11
Error regarding Azerbaijani territories Taghiyev 12/4/11
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