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Welcome to the Postini Forum! For details regarding the transition please see the following resources:

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I cancelled the wrong google acct & amm desperate to retrieve it Patricia Faloon 3/12/15
Postini/Reseller/Google Apps transition nightmare. Please help pauldoc 3/10/15
Is the following really from google. Please see attached. Would be very heilprul to know Paula 3/10/15
How to hange my location Still Ripah 3/9/15
how i get mu business in the right location Michael Nikolaidis 3/5/15
How to change the administrator account on my google aps Amanda Puga 3/4/15
google voice and phone number maurice jung 3/4/15
I am not getting email for last couple of day in my inbox. Shahjahan Russell 3/1/15
I am Google Transition without an administrator Ismgr Ismgr 2/27/15
my account and pass word is mess up goggle server taken over my phone Carmaseda wander-henry 2/26/15
Closing Google Business acct w/ domain name, returning to original Google Account. 14,000 songs associated with the business account in Music. What to do? Ed Begens 2/20/15
How to contact a Human - Old Account Nathan Reichert 2/18/15
When will Postini be transitioned from Excel Micro? Matthew Kelley 2/18/15
Must purge entire archive ASAP ArchivePurge 2/18/15
Updated Google IPs on Firewall, email server accepts all but Transition Portal says firewall is still blocked Bonnie Strickland 2/17/15
No MX or A records for hasanhajee.com Mohammed Ameen 2/12/15
Junk Mail Notification Message Change Tom Plane 2/11/15
people can't send me emails Frank Gasaway 2/11/15
Trekking in Nepal, Trekking in Himalaya. musical Adventure Trekking 2/10/15
I want to get back to my old gmail address. Thanks, I must leave gmail mail....It does not work for my purposes. Rommie Johnson 2/9/15
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