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Welcome to the Postini Forum! This group is dedicated to sharing tips and tricks for Google Postini Services spam filtering.

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Google transition did not happen from Postini Garen Hagopian 3/17/14
Emails not saved on Postini account George Motlhale 3/17/14
Email getting blocked. POSTINI no longer works Cliff Tuohey 3/15/14
Re: Postini Support (unknown) 3/14/14
Can't receive Gmail email from a specific contact Milton Alford 3/13/14
Postini #550 MX record points to an invalid IP for domain Nicholas Beach 3/13/14
Provider (emailcleaners) is no longer in service - need to remove a few clients from Postini. Cary Shultz 3/12/14
Please update the correct IP address to be allowed for relay Veronica Lopez 3/12/14
Why am I not getting any email to one of my google accounts? Katty Julca 3/11/14
Postini transition performed - mx records updated ok but still getting "action required" email..? Stijn Heylen 3/10/14
Passwort Christiaan Wuyts 3/9/14
i want some online job for money to marry praisethelord 3/6/14
How do I retrieve my archived email if dropping service? hwinfreyrichman 3/5/14
Rejecting Sender on Whitelist Dave Abad 3/4/14
Postini Spool will not deliver messages Darryl Rogers 3/4/14
Severe delivery delays Ted O'Connor - Wingspan 3/3/14
relocation of our mail server, not recieving emails. ksonnlim 3/2/14
Lost Admin Account Login fire692 3/2/14
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