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Welcome to the Postini Forum! This group is dedicated to sharing tips and tricks for Google Postini Services spam filtering.

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Error: unable to retrieve message for delivery. Mark Sheridan 4/8/14
My domain is sending spam via Postini Enc Company 4/6/14
Message did not go through spam, virus, or content filtering db2012 4/4/14
Postini allowing trojans? Rich Borman 4/4/14
Too Many Recipients? Michelle Zenisek 3/29/14
changed ISP DRW Madison 3/29/14
Backscatter / Joe Job problem davecorsello 3/28/14
5.0.0: 501 Spam Blocked - psmtp Chris Truitt 3/28/14
Postini Transition - firewall check 01011010 3/27/14
Stopped Getting Emails Steve Achtziger 3/26/14
Cannot access my two Postini accounts that were hosted by my ISP yosemite4 3/26/14
Email not received to anyone which was sent to a group, cannot find in postini Faisal Naseer 3/26/14
Postini #550 MX record points to an invalid IP for domain:somersettrust.com Chris Mostoller 3/25/14
Redeliver Items from Inbound Queue? Arlen Harris 3/25/14
Set up Billing (account will be suspended) Kurt Heston 3/23/14
False positives pass spam score but still quarantined cmdr_keen 3/19/14
Exporting 1500 archives BenNicholasOwen 3/19/14
google dashboard problem Shaikat Mukherjee 3/18/14
Google transition did not happen from Postini Garen Hagopian 3/17/14
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