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This is a user-to-user help forum where you can find tips and tutorials on using Picasa and Picasa Web Albums, and other answers to frequently asked questions. Before you post, please search our Picasa help center to see if your question has already been answered. If you're new to Google Product Forums, read our Getting Started with Groups guide and our posting guidelines.

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Picasa Web Albums

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I cannot find all the albums that I had in Picasa. A just see a few photos in Google photos, where are the other ones? Grace Pedraza 9/16/16
My friend died - how do I access our mutual photos? Flemming Lund 9/16/16
When i deleted the album, it didn't go to trash. Where is it gone? Can i recover it please? Binamra karmacharya 9/16/16
Lost all my picasa album Katarzyna Minasowicz 9/17/16
I cannot see a newly created folder in "folder view" but see it in "folder manager" jctague 9/15/16
I am happy Saifulazlin Aie 9/14/16
Como obtener código para incrustar en Blogger ? Forallac Fonteta 9/13/16
Deleting Albums from Album Archive JesseJackson1 9/13/16
How can i Add All Picasa Images to my website www.chat4enjoy.com??? Chat4Enjoy 9/11/16
Links to Picasa albums no longer work. muffiemae 9/13/16
How can I retrive the old albums which were there in my Picasa when I used to log in through my yahoo mail id? Navneet Agrawal 9/11/16
Picasa pictures not found Luigi Clementini 9/10/16
not 4 share Abraham Flores 9/10/16
Unable to acces my picasa albums Lucas Ryan 9/13/16
. Jennifer B-C Seaver 9/9/16
Sharing photos janet harvey 9/9/16
Where are all the options Zoom Nguyen 9/8/16
Google=the Great Satan Scott Crain 9/14/16
Archived backups Jim Wen 9/10/16
How can I rename an album that is in the Google Album Archive? xtremeleafan 9/7/16
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