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This is a user-to-user help forum where you can find tips and tutorials on using Picasa and Picasa Web Albums, and other answers to frequently asked questions. Before you post, please search our Picasa help center to see if your question has already been answered. If you're new to Google Product Forums, read our Getting Started with Groups guide and our posting guidelines.

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Picasa Web Albums

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Picasa webalbum Hanna Wallner 11/9/16
sort by filename Piet Schmidt 11/9/16
how can i active my account to upload photo from picasa Lucky Pradhan 11/9/16
Unable to view pictures that was in Picasa Muhara Hassim 11/8/16
Löschen von Picasa Christel Ernst 11/8/16
Missing most of my photos Lauren Semmel 11/10/16
Como fazemos, agora, para colocar o Slide Show de fotos no Blogger. Grato pela atenção. Miguel Brusell 11/6/16
Import from Samsung S7 phone to Picasa 3 Ronel Blom 11/6/16
old pics Renee Vick 11/6/16
old pics Renee Vick 11/6/16
Menghapus Romanus Purnomo 11/5/16
API Authentication Error on Roku Picasa channel hikerdave4 11/3/16
Can't find photos in Picasa, since it is gone... Robert Sung IL Cho 11/3/16
מחיקת כל התמונות שלי בפיקסה אבירם כהן 11/2/16
Detective work Roelant Tops 11/1/16
All my pictures from picassa are gone!!!! Agnieszka Pomykala 11/1/16
silmek istediğim hatta sildiğim resimler hala telefonumda görünüyor Mustafa Güzel 10/31/16
iiip fghgfhgfh 10/31/16
Hoe kan ik mijn albums openbaar maken zonder dat iemand hoeft in te loggen? RKVV Brabantia 11/1/16
uhui fghgfhgfh 10/30/16
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