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This is a user-to-user help forum where you can find tips and tutorials on using Picasa and Picasa Web Albums, and other answers to frequently asked questions. Before you post, please search our Picasa help center to see if your question has already been answered. If you're new to Google Product Forums, read our Getting Started with Groups guide and our posting guidelines.

 When posting a new question, please include your specific operating system, browser, and Picasa version numbers. 

Picasa Web Albums

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How can i get in contact with the picasa team i have a great idea to save picasa Avi Zelinger 4/20/16
anyone know how to embed all of your picasa albums in a wordpress website? Allen Keppen 4/20/16
Picasa web and google photos albums missing sunil thomas 84 4/19/16
Add text in Picasa Cal2009 4/20/16
how can I find photos that I had to picassa ??? katerina dimitrakouda 4/20/16
How can I retrieve Picasa photos from now-defunct email address? skicoach6719 4/18/16
Albums Stevie Ward 4/18/16
Changing on Picasa albums results in Internal 500 error Klaus Linsen 4/17/16
Uploading from Picasa Celuloso 4/18/16
جزر الكنارى للشقق الفندقية الفاخرة Canary Islands 4/17/16
Moving on from Picasa - where are my Google Photos? eco girl 4/16/16
Missing captions in photos Charles Perkins 4/18/16
I am not able to continue working on a Picasa Web Album I was planning to finish long before May 1st. Kembell Huyke 4/15/16
How did picasa allow sharing of pictures with family and friends if they never upload the pics? Mike Cottam 4/15/16
I keep trying to export to a folder and picasa stops running. What can I do? Glen Bland 4/14/16
Pictures gone Amanda Garwood 4/15/16
WILL IT STILL WORK? I never used Blogger uploader for my Blogspot posts. Always uploaded everything in Picasa, then took the direct links to images... Warmer Climes 4/14/16
500 internal server error Srividhya Raman 4/13/16
Will old links to picasa photos work after picasa is shut down ? dslfkdsfdf 4/12/16
i cant upload photo Owie Pogi 4/15/16
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