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Picasa for Mac

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edit contacts poppi17 1/23/16
Picasa for mac just "bounces" jeffreyrosenthal 1/31/16
how can i veiw my profile AntTay Wright 1/23/16
Using Mac Pro running 10.9.5 and Picasa I use another program to import from SD card to designated named folder on drive (Bridge) which also contains .xmp files. Picasa finds these photo files and imports the folder with the correct na psidran 1/22/16
How to download Google Photos to Picasa to eliminate duplicates? ed1970 1/20/16
Picasa created +1000 folders and I can't bulk delete! Byron Stuck 1/18/16
I cannot upzip files downloaded from Google Photos Ryan Napoli 1/16/16
Exported photos have muted colors balint.laca 1/18/16
Albums Grouped into 2 photos at a time?? Katherine Tate 1/12/16
CANT DOWNLOAD PICASA ALBUMS! Please help! Nivedita Shinde 1/13/16
Red block upload arrows scattered randomly across all albums in mybPicasa library powellj3 1/13/16
Lost Photos on Picasa 3 SportyK9 1/12/16
Calculating Picasa total images size Francisco Little 1/10/16
How to upload video to album adadancers1 1/10/16
Picasa Restore.app crashes Christian Hartl 1/7/16
How do I force quit Picasa Margrethe4 1/9/16
tried it all... HKJ 1/7/16
Transfer pictures from Windows 10 to Mac OS Yosemite duncan.jakes 1/11/16
I have "CameraBag2" appearing as a plug in in Picasa 3.9 on a laptop using El Capitan on my Mac.However it does not appear on my table top Mac also with El Capitain. Why ? and can I get CarpetBag2 as a plug in on that computer ? Frank Goyette 1/6/16
How can I import without copying all of the photos and videos from my device Thom Green 1/5/16
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