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Picasa for Mac

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Picasa for Mac Marilyn Callender 4/28/16
I have my old picassa site with 25 albums. I can't get the new picasa photos (also be described as a picasa web album) connected to the old albums. They are two different sites Simon Sobo 4/25/16
My recent photos are missing? Adria Touring 4/24/16
Editing in Picasa Tarkaman 4/25/16
Error 2 when uploading a movie slideshow on Picasa? Charlee Haller 4/19/16
Lost albums when transferring from Picasa on old Mac to new Mac bernstein.alison 4/13/16
It's terrible that Google would destroy the functionality of Picasa web albums- For the user who has invested time on the captions as a crucial component of image storage, this is horrible news. Please leave web albums still exist as is. GinJenJane Mahreid 4/12/16
Vymazaní fotek s logem picasa z telefonu Pavel Šandera 4/9/16
เกใ [email address] 4/7/16
Missing photos, and New software? Chris Kroupa 4/6/16
Moving photos from Picasa to iPhoto Gaelyn Sharp 4/6/16
Help with folder sorting & naming Bud Man 4/4/16
Stop Picassa Importing Photos in instal.. 212345 4/3/16
Picasa Copied ALL my photos Rob Tarkington 4/2/16
Picasa won't open on MacBook - Greg Youngs 4/1/16
Why won't Picasa import from my new d7100?? I got it to do it once! It always worked fine with RAW files from my D70 and D3200. MLyn D 3/31/16
Picasa best desktop functionalities alternative Giovanni De Martino 3/29/16
Pic transfer jerryroyce7 3/25/16
Nervous about Picasa's retirement!!!! Cyndy Hardy 3/21/16
Downloading Robinhiker 3/20/16
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