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Communication (Scraps, Messages, etc.)

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Orkut chat issues - we're working on it Bernardo* 1/14/13
[FAQ]Scraps disabled / Posting to the communities disabled / Friend Request disabled / Temporarily disabeld - on ORKUT ghafoortabish 7/3/11
sdsd Synatix Rec 4/18/14
Scraps/Conversation over 2k not visible mitesh m 4/17/14
Is orkut no longer available? Adikam 4/16/14
want to activate my account back uma madhuri 4/12/14
how to delete my account? Ravi Gurung 4/2/14
If you've been redirected to this page from the Orkut sign-in page, it means that your access to Orkut has been suspended. Read on for more information. Mazar Khan 4/1/14
Restore orkut a/c dev kumar Rawat 3/29/14
Annie winchell Annieramon Winchell rich 3/26/14
My orkut profile was deleted I want my profile back or pls kashmira shah 3/26/14
Google searching Amit Guha 3/25/14
pranav Pranav Thaker 3/7/14
plz reactivate my orkut profile Prabhash Agnihotri 3/6/14
my old scraps Khuram Murad 3/4/14
yo quero recuperar las fotos y imagenes de mi ija quando ella era pequeña alfe capoeira 2/25/14
gmail and orkut access from Ukraine Greg McHale 2/20/14
Help me locate my private inbox. Danyal Hashmi 2/8/14
why Samba Rao 2/6/14
Problem receiving an email Melissa Huynh 1/14/14
how do I enable transliteration in orkut firefox Greg McHale 12/28/13
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