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Add your friends to your Google+ circles from Orkut Bernardo* 3/26/14
Connect your Orkut and Google+ communities Bernardo* 7/3/13
Orkut chat issues - we're working on it Bernardo* 1/14/13
Orkut Tip: How to post to Orkut and Google+ at the same time Bernardo* 10/30/12
[FAQ] How to post in the Help Forum - a guideline ghafoortabish 4/11/13
[FAQ]Scraps disabled / Posting to the communities disabled / Friend Request disabled / Temporarily disabeld - on ORKUT ghafoortabish 7/3/11
Is orkut no longer available? Adikam 11:59 AM
I have failed to get my Orkut with a remark ERROR 404. {Please assist in opening a new account raju umamaheswar 6:35 AM
love Makwana Karan 5:45 AM
My apps in orkut did not approved yet . ibh2000 5:11 AM
orkut Sanjana Singhania 5:02 AM
who is your first class teacher ? sunita n 5:00 AM
I can't Login my OWN ORKUT Account at all, It takes me to Create New Orkut Profile Again & Again!!! Kelly Adam 4/15/14
eu gostaria de saber como posso assesar minha conta do orkut. pois fiquei varios meses sem aseder agora não consigo quero saber se acabaram com o orkut. asim com fizeram com msn??? Luzidete Silva 4/15/14
My website emails goes as spam Neeteesh Shukla 4/15/14
delte my orkut account rakshak vig 4/15/14
delete my account rakshak vig 4/14/14
inputs are not valid nipun mohan 4/13/14
want to activate my account back uma madhuri 4/12/14
How To Add Badges To Orkut.com? نظر محمد فقیرزی 4/12/14
EZRE Binu thomas 4/11/14
dzeg sabbu Khan 4/11/14
Who viewed my google+ profile Fikani Titi Maluleke 4/11/14
ignore list Kammu 4/10/14
sou surdo ademilson gomes da silva Gomes 4/10/14
Can't access my orkut videos Vipul Priyadarshi 4/10/14
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