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Announcing the rollout of Android 7.1.2 Orrin - Nexus Community Manager 5/25/17
The Google Assistant is coming to more Android phones! Orrin - Nexus Community Manager 2/27/17
Android 7 (Nougat) - Having a Problem? Techno Bill 8/22/16
Is there a new Android update? STOP, don’t hit that “Check for Updates” button! Benjamin Perlmutter 11/9/15
New to Nexus or have questions? Get started here! david.king 10/10/15
NEXUS 6 TABLET Crikey Mate 4:03 PM
Nexus 5x Phone doesn't turn on. black screen and no logo Kharrn Arya 3:28 PM
Nexus 5x in boot loop after a factory reset of Android O beta doncheng 3:27 PM
Can I get a new Nexus 6p from google if my phone gets bricked, boot loop? Nexus 6p Bootloop 3:24 PM
No May 2017 update for 7.0.0 Nexus 6 Ben Z1 3:10 PM
Nexus keeps vibrating and showing google logo Clemence Martin 2:56 PM
Bootloop warranty question regarding Nexus 5X Alex Sorto 2:47 PM
Android System: Battery Vampire Haydn Rowlands 2:38 PM
My Nexus 7 will not power up A Batz 2:34 PM
Nexus 5x boot loop / red light problem and not starting vankay 2:25 PM
Pixel C - Invalid Pattern Kumnaa 1:11 PM
No GPS signal while calling always Phipsiii 1:11 PM
Nexus 6P stopped recording audio with video cyberco 1:10 PM
Nexus 5X bootlooping continuosly after installing May 2017 security patch Tushar Darekar 1:02 PM
My Nexus 6P's Battery drains from 20-30% battery to power off. Siddharaj Junnarkar 12:31 PM
When connect my phone with a computer it does not show as Drive in My Computer M_Imran 12:20 PM
Boot-loop issue on Nexus 5X tsz ho hau 12:09 PM
Do Not Disturb signs turns on automatically. Eve Lavi 11:55 AM
Nexus 6P speakers stopped working a few days after updating to Android O beta Nilesh Gajwani 11:23 AM
recon 60p headphones wont work with Nexus 5x Dave Hammelef 11:15 AM
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