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Hello and welcome to the official Google News Help Forum! 

Here you can not only find answers to your questions about Google News, but also help others, whether you're a user or publisher. 

This forum is a community where we discuss all things news, provide answers and receive feedback. Keep an eye out for Top Contributors and Rising Stars, who are experienced users and publishers that know the ins and outs of Google News well and enjoy helping others! Keep in mind that neither they, nor Google employees on the forum, have access to your accounts. 

Before you begin, please read our posting guidelines. In addition, we encourage you to search our Help Center for articles or past discussions that might address the question you have. If you’re not a native speaker of English, you may want to visit our forums in Español, Français, Deutsch, and Italiano.


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I recently applied to have my site www.leagueofireland.ie was rejected. League of Ireland 8/28/15
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Would this site be accepted into Google News? NSPP 8/27/15
Google News Platform Rejection Library For Smart Investors 8/27/15
Our site does not comply with the rules which Google News? (Pchayat.com) Serkan ÇAKMAK 8/27/15
May I know the average duration taken by Google to accept/reject a site for Google News? Bibek Saha 8/27/15
Google News Anuj Tiwari 1 8/27/15
News Inclusion Pending Review stuck at 80% for over a month Stuck at 80% for over a month 8/27/15
FULL AUTOMATIC SPAM producers are back !! dave huster 8/27/15
We want to ad our website in google news Natasha Tracy 8/27/15
rapidnewsnetwork.com iS SPAMMING dave huster 8/27/15
slow indexing and no recent articles on google news Karim Samir 8/27/15
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