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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is here. Try it now! Stacie C. - Community Manager 10/7/15
From 5 to 3 - First Click Free update Stacie C. - Community Manager 10/1/15
Goodbye 3-digit rule! Stacie C. - Community Manager 12:25 AM
[new!] Direct Google News users to your apps Stacie C. - Community Manager 9/1/15
Announcing the Google News Newsletter | Issue 2 Stacie C. - Community Manager 7/6/15
Introducing the Google News Publisher Center Eric Weigle 9/11/15
Suggestion: "Your Sitemap is on a site that is not in the Google News database" JeffHunt 1/16/15
How to use Webmaster Tools to sort out indexing issues. Robert Gunnells 9/2/15
Google News Publisher FAQs Harvey P. 10/18/11
Website was rejected, can you help with checking? Vasyl Artiushchenko 8:11 AM
Was ist das Problem? :s Thomas Wachsmuth 6:52 AM
It seems Google Does not index news articles from my google news sitemap Konstantinos Papadopoulos 1:25 AM
Google News Indexing Issue "Your Sitemap is on a site that is not in the Google News database" Colin Gold 1:44 AM
Site Rejected for inclusion in google news M. Awais Umer 6:11 AM
Country settings affects news ranking in the US? JohannS43 12:28 AM
Submitted site for Google News a year ago, can't re-apply elrebrin 6:19 AM
It's been more than 3 weeks! Did something go wrong? ChrisRichardson 10/7/15
My site have a both paid and free content, should I enable Paid Subscription on Publisher Center? Pablo Massa 10/7/15
My sites Jorge Muñoz H 10/7/15
Submitting to Google News JoelSite 10/7/15
Https site submission in news publisher whitefrog34 10/7/15
Question about Google News application form "Areas" & "Labels" Yigal Bloch 10/7/15
Article Fragmented Error Shweta_Gupta 10/7/15
"Unknown news site" issue counted as 5 keep increasing ? Madhan g 10/7/15
Search Console says "Your Sitemap is on a site that is not in the Google News database" Pablo Massa 10/7/15
4.1.2015 Poslapana PoHanka 10/6/15
Google News stopped indexing our news Kres7787 10/6/15
www.apherald.com - South India's most popular news portal has its tough time to be on google news. Koti S 10/6/15
News Search Console error and news not indexing Farsheel Pulikkal 10/6/15
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