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Have AMP-related questions? Find answers in the Webmaster Central Help Community. Elena L. 1/5/17
[Google News Newsletter] Introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Stacie C. - Community Manager 2/9/17
Launched! A new Troubleshooting Tool in the Publisher Center Stacie C. - Community Manager 12/5/16
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is here. Try it now! Stacie C. - Community Manager 10/7/15
From 5 to 3 - First Click Free update Stacie C. - Community Manager 10/15/16
Goodbye 3-digit rule! Stacie C. - Community Manager 1/28/16
[new!] Direct Google News users to your apps Stacie C. - Community Manager 1/15/16
Introducing the Google News Publisher Center Eric Weigle 6/4/16
Suggestion: "Your Sitemap is on a site that is not in the Google News database" JeffHunt 1/16/15
How to use Webmaster Tools to sort out indexing issues. Robert Gunnells 9/2/15
Google News Publisher FAQs Harvey P. 10/18/11
How long does it take to hear back? Vanessa Data 1:23 AM
Site has been rejected for two years but still unable to re-apply? chrisf1i 1:22 AM
Sito non accettato Lorenzo Chiaro 3/27/17
Getting a message in Google webmasters Jay005 3/27/17
We have been removed from Google news Jay_1986 3/27/17
Site suddenly excluded from Google News Andrea Guzmán 3/27/17
Site rejeitado sem ter sido indicada qual a razão ViladeRei Net 3/27/17
Outstanding Request Kristian Wingfield-Bennett 3/27/17
Почему не приняли сайт?/Why my site was not submitted? MarkianYa 3/27/17
Any additional suggestions before I resubmit to Google News Josh Troesh 3/27/17
Blocking formula 1 content Gary Shatwell 3/26/17
Non indicizzato in Google News con recenti articoli, ma presente con meno recenti: che succede? italiachiamaitalia 3/25/17
WTF? Site with original content rejected -- but sites that copy and paste my articles are accepted EricTheDolan 3/26/17
Site rejected ! Need a bit help to make it ready for resubmit The UnCommon Tag 3/25/17
site rejected The Roots 3/26/17
Site rejected WEST ISLAND BLOG 3/26/17
AMP Link on My FaceBook Page Ayush Agrawal ca 3/24/17
Google News Inclusion AmCham Taipei 3/24/17
Why was my site http://www.thenarrativetimes.org/ rejected? mmoates 3/24/17
Site rejected advice/assitance needed KitcoNews 3/24/17
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