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New "Local Source" tag shines a spotlight on local news coverage Elena L. 7/6/16
Google News launches AMP carousel across all mobile platforms Elena L. 7/2/16
Have AMP-related questions? Find answers in the Webmaster Central Help Community. Elena L. 6/13/16
Introducing the Google News Publisher Center Eric Weigle 6/4/16
Launched! A new Troubleshooting Tool in the Publisher Center Stacie C. - Community Manager 3/22/16
[Google News Newsletter] Introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Stacie C. - Community Manager 2/5/16
Goodbye 3-digit rule! Stacie C. - Community Manager 1/28/16
[new!] Direct Google News users to your apps Stacie C. - Community Manager 1/15/16
AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is here. Try it now! Stacie C. - Community Manager 10/7/15
From 5 to 3 - First Click Free update Stacie C. - Community Manager 10/1/15
How to use Webmaster Tools to sort out indexing issues. Robert Gunnells 9/2/15
Suggestion: "Your Sitemap is on a site that is not in the Google News database" JeffHunt 1/16/15
Google News Publisher FAQs Harvey P. 10/18/11
Changing all sections Firma Avisso 4:28 AM
RT News is not a legitimate news source. Why do you keep posting their videos? Paul14467 4:10 AM
Подскажите проблемы мешающие попасть в Гугл.News SetTips 7/23/16
Why do you consistently post more liberal news articles than conservative? thewdking 7/23/16
Submitting website in Google news. Kindly share your feedback Takshak Dawda 7/23/16
Rejected from Google News -- Question(s) VG Culture HQ 7/23/16
Why does google new pops up then disappears. Mickey Scott III 7/23/16
Website rejected by Google News. Can anyone explain the possible reasons? Prithviraj Sahu 7/23/16
How do I sort the news so the latest news is on the top jim charos 7/23/16
Is there a setting to turn off all the new news features? New Google news 7/23/16
My website was rejected by google News, can you explain me more ? Sofyan Gani 7/23/16
How can I report a website masquerading as a news source? captain midnite 7/23/16
http://domain.com is included in google news. http://www.domain.com is NOT. Max Jaramillo 7/23/16
Suddenly getting lots of 'article too long' errors Ali Enterprise Times 7/23/16
Site keeps being rejected by Google News and I'm not sure why... daveydje 7/23/16
Are these forums moderated by google? or volunteers? Max Jaramillo 7/23/16
jago punjab lehar Jago Punjab Lehar Sahnewal 7/23/16
WebSite was rejected again to include in Google News ELSATE COM 7/23/16
My website was rejected by Google news, Can someone explain me the reason why? Andrea Sartor 7/23/16
can we apply in google us news even if from india dan pur 7/22/16
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