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No longer able to share random location Ger380 2/16/18
How to add a newly built house to Google maps post map maker Dom Wood 2/16/18
Orientation issues for navigation Mark Woodfield 2/16/18
Location Sharing is "dim" or greyed out terrapin69 2/15/18
Sharing location Leslie Burkhead 2/15/18
A big Problem in answering column syed ahemed buhary 2/15/18
Sharing your timeline CGR 2/15/18
Please add this... Faye Villar 2/15/18
Please add Agricutural Bank of China 中国农业银行 Faye Villar 2/15/18
Indoor maps notification when no longer at location Carl Bartlett 2/15/18
Pictures not uploading Levi Keselman 2/15/18
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