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New Category is to be added in google maps as "RICE MANUFACTURERS" Karthikeyan Krishnan 4/26/16
Voice Recognition Stuck in Spanish Scott Myslichuk 4/26/16
Have to consistently edit location and stops. Less editing. Make it locate with a tap. 4/26/16
To position a Correct Panorama (Street View Android App) PER Proyectos 4/25/16
Road Closures Details In Houston when Bad Weather MeliBeli 4/26/16
Google Maps to show Road Closuers MeliBeli 4/25/16
My Timeline looks like I am nowhere, ever G. Condalmo 4/26/16
Classic Google Maps Necessary Allan Emigh 4/26/16
Reviews lit549 4/25/16
Reviews lit549 4/25/16
Edits not visible on Android application, but visible on Android/web browsers Ester Malzahn 4/25/16
Cannot enable Search History or Saved Places via Android Maps Apps (v9) coralparmar 4/25/16
Places/business that stand out z8080 4/27/16
Lost my phone but google maps keeps searching for my previous phones location? king vicious 4/26/16
My Places Labels john l walshe 4/24/16
It hang most of the time Tauheed Alam 4/25/16
How to restore location history which was accidently deleted. History of Location 4/25/16
Reviews stuck on the contribute tab Kris Kitchen 4/24/16
Automatic Denied Sree Debanjan 4/24/16
GPS no signal rahmat naroui 4/24/16
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