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Map directions taking long to load. Jodi DeGeorge 8/22/16
Timeline not correctly showing flight distances eschreibman 8/20/16
What happened to Avoid Toll Roads Check Box in options? Chris Bernardes 8/22/16
HELP - what was done to this app? badams007 8/20/16
Add "by appointment" Stephen Brace 1:29 PM
Add "by appointment" Stephen Brace 8/20/16
Disappearing reviews Woppit 8/22/16
Remodeling closure Jed and Amy Appell 8/20/16
Sos Lucy Lugo 8/20/16
Sos Lucy Lugo 8/20/16
Can't access google maps Blake Voorhees 8/20/16
Red Dots on location history page kolen frisk 8/20/16
Red Dots on location history page kolen frisk 8/20/16
Do photospheres generate Local Guide points? Clemens 8/21/16
Recently my phone has started to randomly tell me to start driving Peter Wilson hates paypl 8/19/16
Can't see my old Timeline Andrea Helton 8/19/16
Maps stuck on "searching for GPS" across multiple devices at the same time. ehsan abid khan 5:43 PM
Map help please Caravan And Camping UK With Pets Video Page 8/19/16
Home business incorrectly marked as a "hotel" Owen_Hubbard 8/19/16
please add a commercial drivers section Travis Bartges 8/19/16
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