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Hand Tool will not "clear" to allow me click on map content Bill Wise 4/25/15
Imagery boxdes at the bottom of the screen BVS10 4/25/15
if i have 10.6.8 am i stuck with lite mode Pamela O'Connell 4/25/15
How do I find a foreign city? Lorna Morley 4/25/15
Cannot find "route options" or "avoid tolls" in new Google Maps for desktop Baila Lazarus 4/25/15
how to restore old version with better navigation? Ellen D. 4/24/15
Cannot add new coordinates to my map Urban Persson 4/24/15
Issue deleting shared My Maps JoseAM 4/24/15
No driving directions shown RF1234 4/24/15
Saving What Direction You Face in a Photo Sphere Mike Climbing 4/24/15
Google Map Classic NEEDED or we can be out of business Cal55555 4/24/15
Google Classic Map View Cal55555 4/24/15
why do you continue to make google maps look slicker at the users expense. prodacct059 4/24/15
I can't continue using Google maps if I can't access the "classic" version! Joe LaRoche 4/24/15
I am unable to move places from one layer to the next. Monica Buckley 4/24/15
Adding unlimited multiple destinations to new Google MyMaps damiano migani 4/23/15
How do I make classic Maps my default? Pa Bar 4/23/15
How can I remove the small white boxes which show minutes & miles? Nancy Crockett 4/23/15
MacBook crashed. How do I reload Google Earth Pro? Ken Pritchett 4/23/15
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