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Location not been reported with cell only after latitude retirement andrea brembilla 8/9/13
Why Google retired Google Latitude ! Syleer 8/9/13
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the google via the latitude will not locate Lori Fernandez 8/8/13
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Latitude's replacement Kwyjibo1 8/25/13
Compass - On my Iphone 5 Harriet Anderson 8/5/13
i use i phone 4 but latitude no so my frinds tejal shah 8/4/13
Please do not remove Google Latitude Melisa Lee 8/26/13
WTF Google ! Slade Colling 8/4/13
Location history FathimaN 8/3/13
time displayed on google latitude Leroy Mercer 8/3/13
latitude not updating Romesh ma 8/1/13
Problem with location history after upgrade Harry Holkham 9/22/13
ตำแหน่ง LATITUDE ไม่อัพเดท Thana3111 7/31/13
IMEI No. of my Samsung S2 from which i used google latitude vivek Thakur 7/31/13
What's the best replacement for Latitude for an iPhone5 (Free, please!) DpBluSea1 6/16/14
Google losing it - retiring latitude captcha crap 7/30/13
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