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What's the best replacement for Latitude for an iPhone5 (Free, please!) DpBluSea1 6/16/14
Re: How can I find my stolen tablet? (unknown) 6/10/14
Latitude why remove from maps?I remove my Google+ count in protest. Gabriel Solé 12/16/13
Personal location history on new maps Yerolo 11/4/13
Two devices with one Google account - both monitor my location Aviad Kessous 10/11/13
Has anyone found an alternative to Latitude??? Angiepatterson 10/3/13
cant add friends to google latitude Brenza 9/28/13
Latitude History issue : "You have no location history" Phoenix2000 9/24/13
Problem with location history after upgrade Harry Holkham 9/22/13
Retire of Latitude Mario Kalschne 9/13/13
"Deleted" location history still shows in dashboard Thomas Weston 8/27/13
Please do not remove Google Latitude Melisa Lee 8/26/13
Latitude's replacement Kwyjibo1 8/26/13
Why did you shut down Latitude? Justin W. Martin 8/24/13
Google Latitude contacts are missing (on both Windows and iPhone) Massimiliano Nobile 8/24/13
Cannot Remove Work Address from Google Now and Latitude Jose Rosario 8/22/13
Location History Darryl Wero 8/18/13
where to report wrong WiFi location? (after a move) DriverX 8/16/13
"Report from this device" turns itself off cornfed78 8/16/13
Latitude Engineer Joe LaPenna saying good bye to Latitude VesNL 8/14/13
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