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Multiple Directions using the Google Maps app on desktop Grace- Google Maps Community Manager 8/24/16
Move route travel lines with your fingers on a cell phone Maylin86 8/25/16
Adding category - AED orange47 8/25/16
GRID COORDINATES: When Will Google Maps Have Them? TomBrooklyn 8/25/16
Planned Trip Notifications Planned Trip Notifications 8/25/16
Suggestion: Offline maps based on cell network availability naoufel2000 8/25/16
turn countdown Vincent Chirafisi 8/25/16
Depart at, send to phone; google maps Frik Herbst 8/25/16
Map should move with all zoom levels faraz1 8/25/16
Add CARPLAY SUPPORT FOR GOOGLE MAPS!!! michael bonacini 8/25/16
Google Maps Mutiple Stops - Public Transport Shaddy Sadaka 8/25/16
New idea for Google Maps: travel boundaries based on time parameters Catherine Newcomb 8/24/16
Can users move travel lines with their fingers? Maylin86 8/24/16
Can I set maps for heavy vehicle speed of 100km Paul Deeble 8/24/16
Alternative directions time MaxVhf 8/24/16
Location Mozahir Contractor House Mohammad Zakaria 8/23/16
How to delete a photo I've contributed easily...? RW805 8/23/16
Personal note-taking ability on Google Maps App GG20 8/24/16
Google Maps Multiple Numbers Sabrina Boone 8/23/16
Requests - MPG route options, bike max road speed limit, app traffic refresh Bryan Russo 8/23/16
Busyness info criteria brisdaz 8/24/16
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