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Multiple Directions using the Google Maps app on desktop Grace- Google Maps Community Manager 5/16/16
Why is "add destination" not available on mobiles? Mk Jackary 2:57 PM
Time specific traffic information Eshan Gupta 10:59 AM
Time specific traffic information Eshan Gupta 10:51 AM
Rooftop advertising KJ Johansen 11:02 AM
Denver 3d Imagery Reverted to Older Version Belmaktor 12:08 PM
Turn pad bicycle route on google maps Виталий Пасичник 6:47 AM
County Lines on My Maps Joshua Palmieri 10:02 AM
Ability to move cache to SSD PeterMcKinnis 4:13 AM
Places and business cards Gary Bushell 3:35 PM
Possibility to say address/directions in local languages, e.g. for Taxis in .TW Daniel Rooth 3:32 PM
Purpose of maps now lost to Google bells & whistles makaio 12:15 PM
Trail Maps on Google Maps Chelsey Myranda 5/25/16
How about incorporating monthly free high res CBERS2 images in Google Maps? Miguel Feitosa 5/24/16
How about a Dymaxion projection or some options for the top level map? Miguel Feitosa 5/25/16
Planning and management development authority Bello Mustapha Girei 5/25/16
Didn't get a single verbalized direction from maps Brenton Poke 5/24/16
Availability on AppStore in Pakistan Abdullah Hussaini 5/24/16
Suggestion on Navigation improvement - prompting the driver about a missed path Sebastian Vt 5/24/16
Needing to touch another "depart at" column to register change JeffKang 5/24/16
Share my location when I arrive Stanley M 5/24/16
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