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boy Dwain Hall 9:08 AM
Make 'avoid tolls' option sticky - otherwise directions are wrong Tom9020 9:05 AM
How can I set classic maps as a permanent option, please? NeilaMartin 7:55 AM
google should add car number plates Ameer Hindi 7:53 AM
How can I remove/minimize the white search box? Barry Holroyd 4:26 AM
Adding current location to my maps Flying W Ranch 3/29/15
Rename Saved Places: 10 years later and still i'ts not implemented Sammy888 3/29/15
What happens to old google maps classic links in the future? chuck lambert 3/29/15
How to save a Street View to your computer? pavel.kineshemec 3/29/15
Avoiding Toll Roads in the new Google Maps (Navigation) app for Android Rosendo Ortiz 3/29/15
Can you add more than just your work and home locations? Anthony Somes 3/29/15
What does the Google says, If we have something to suggest for them? Arshad Mohammed 3/29/15
Pls make font size bigger on the map BigBear 3/28/15
business view thrusted partner or agency in Slovenia Jurij Šorn 3/27/15
Waypoints Paula Fuentes 3/27/15
Google map upgrades Bruce Kay 3/27/15
Out of Date Street Views CHARITY ADWORDS Adrian Paul Miles 3/27/15
Overpass and tunnel clearance AlexZan 3/27/15
Map directions integrate with calendar Anna K 3/26/15
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