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Unable to add a column to new table George Albrecht 9/30/15
Keep getting error when trying to merge two tables Will Houp 10/8/15
Why this app script code makes copy of my fusiontables file? TapioK 9/28/15
Embedding Street View panaroma in map info window - does not load when exported to KML jwills81 10/3/15
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Column values are too long to show as a selection list Paul Surtees 9/10/15
Fusion Tables not opening Janice Salcedo 9/2/15
Map sharing option not available antoine2711 9/11/15
Google Fusion Tables Emily Greenberg. 8/28/15
google fusion table not displayed in sheet mode Helmut Kudrnovsky 8/24/15
Can't publish map despite permissions, sourcing Jonathan Meador 8/14/15
Styles not showing up using Maps API v3 agustin b 8/12/15
500. There's a problem. Amanda van Baarsen 8/6/15
HELP! How can I recover lost information (rows) in fusion tables? Harri kivelä 8/3/15
Unable to add a column R.J. Boer 7/30/15
Merged tables wont allow editing Paul Vickridge 7/24/15
Not all polygons recognized in kml import... thejoel 7/8/15
is the GFT legend example documented correctly? Jack Dougherty 7/1/15
My fusion table will not load. How do I fix this? Melissa Buhrt 6/29/15
Date entry via script from sheets not formatting correctly. Or validating. Forrest Thurgood 6/28/15
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