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why are some pictures turning sideways? Shirley Stirling 7/22/16
Unable to add attribution to Fusion Table Jennifer Eaton 7/21/16
What's wrong with the Kentucky boundary on this fusion sheet? Gabe Wigtil 7/14/16
Points not showing on map ddrabo 7/13/16
Importing files spreadsheets from Google Drive not working Diana 001 7/10/16
Erratic behavior on Fusion Table map glaroc 7/4/16
vol passible d'amende catherine de Lasa 7/3/16
Cannot publish map when cards + rows are publishable kirsmiller 6/23/16
What's this, under your URL ?? Bob Montgomery Jr 6/22/16
Drive Folders display Fusion Table with incorrect target URL Mr Curly 6/21/16
Rows disappear Adrienne Bess 6/19/16
Link for "Send Google Forms input to a Fusion Table" is broken Roberto Carrillo 6/16/16
Bug in "Use icon specified in a column" Neal Barsch 6/10/16
The volume in YouTube videos for "DOWNLOAD COMPLETE" is to loud? WONKA-ONE 6/7/16
More pirated books on this website. Ashlander 6/13/16
"Unable to perform the merge. Please try again" Aaron 1 6/3/16
Trouble with syncing tables Goose , The 7/18/16
Weight Heatmap not showing Lobby Watch 5/26/16
Fusion Table Map missing lines - Pics Included Wikas Raja 5/19/16
Merge tables missing individual data cells Lou Jones charity org 5/15/16
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