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Merging two tables- all I get is "Unable to perform the merge" Heywood Buzzfuddle 3/29/18
Not all points showing on map. Eduardo Pinheiro 3/27/18
kml map has points and polygons at the same time AlejandroMercado1 3/26/18
Data was too large to complete your query accurately h chen 3/22/18
Outdated Documentation Andrew Mutch 3/14/18
Geocoding does not work SRG Project Mapping Feed 2/26/18
Example Data in Help Article Won't Upload vitaminn 2/17/18
Fusion table went completely MIA Joel Bell 1/29/18
Numbered rows not displaying in the correct order millerkha 1/31/18
Geocoded locations from Google Fusion not showing up on Google Earth Lindsay Salem 1/24/18
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Error while importing excel file Ssubrat Rrudra 1/11/18
Fusion Table does not create the map that is not the same as map/shapefiles shown in GoogleEarth/AcrMap H_H_H_H 1/11/18
US county map not displaying county polygons at specific zoom level Shane Proctor 1/8/18
Why can't I enter October 1st 2017 as a date? Google changes it to 30th September! 2nd October is fine. Garry Paula Twine 12/28/17
Copy of fusion table add patches in the fusion style layer Shahbaaz_Dev 1/8/18
Geocoding not dropping pins in proper place Robert Blew 12/14/17
Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError 500 Abayaweera 12/13/17
Upload quota exceeded error even though it wasn't exceeded hli7 12/13/17
Can't download in KML :( George ▫ 1/26/18
Map not centering where it should NorCal Cazadora 11/27/17
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