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Welcome to the Google for Education community.

This is a place to connect and share with other educators about Google’s product offerings in education. The fastest way to find answers is by searching the various product help centers or, if you are a Google Apps for Education customer, contacting support. Your question may already have an answer!

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Can I reorder assignments in classroom yet? The answers I found online seem to say no. Gwen Glazier 8/13/17
Can I automatically send an email or doc to a recipient after making a Google Form? ASHLEY COREY 8/13/17
desperate to get the account upgraded before school starts, it's been almost 2 months Annie Booker Plymouth 8/11/17
HighlightingTests assignments in Classroom's Agenda Goof van den Biggelaar 8/11/17
How do I add someone as an administrator Becky McCoyPMS 8/16/17
Does anyone know where I can asks a question regarding Google Groups Eileen Eiden 8/10/17
Can I forward an e-mail to any class? Guido Orellana 8/10/17
Invite G Suite user as co-teacher Wai Shing Chiu 8/10/17
Teachers unable to create Classroom Melanie Harwell 8/10/17
Why cant I invite a student to google classroom with a @yahoo.com email address MG201717 8/10/17
Is there any way to move an announcement to an assignment? hobsont 8/9/17
Disabling the ability to go back in the browser Donny BTCA 8/9/17
Changing the name of my Google Classroom - isn't working Sheryl Johnston - Tony Pontes PS (1497) 8/9/17
Can't invite more class members? Janette Mathen 8/9/17
Some students can not access (permission denied) posted files in classroom Mauricio Baum Jr. 8/9/17
How can I clear the profiles from the previous school year from the chromebook? plynch23 8/8/17
How can I make a google form populate different pages on a spreadsheet based on an answer? bfrank44 8/8/17
My Google Classroom won't let me add more students. We have 695 and what I have read said that no one has found a cap yet. What do I do now? Kathy Morledge 8/8/17
Missing email in Level 1 Exam Brian PD 8/8/17
How can i open free school Hardly Mtonga 8/8/17
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