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Welcome to the Google for Education community.

This is a place to connect and share with other educators about Google’s product offerings in education. The fastest way to find answers is by searching the various product help centers or, if you are a Google Apps for Education customer, contacting support. Your question may already have an answer!

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Google Groups moved into Domain Mturnerfh 5/18/16
delete classes Jeff PV 5/16/16
classroom permissions Jeff PV 5/16/16
scanning from ios or android to sheets Bruce McPhee 5/17/16
Overview Role Suggestion Phil Halford 5/15/16
We are an online business that is creating an e-learning class for our clients. Is it possible to set up a classroom even if we are not actual teachers in a school district? Ashley Sumida 5/12/16
Using Google Slides for Student Information Codi Campbell 5/12/16
Organizing Folders Dana Serure 5/11/16
Is a non-school entity having a web site offering free training eligible of apps? Peerapong Vasithamrong 5/11/16
Appointment Calendar Murph2817 5/9/16
how change classroom.google.com to my university subdomain Rony Teguh 5/10/16
Transfer accounts between domains Hof HaSharon Admin 5/16/16
folders within classes Ad Brewer 5/8/16
google play for education Ad Brewer 5/8/16
Google Classroom - identification of unenrolled students Thomas St.George 5/6/16
Google classroom - student setup Cassandra Shumny 5/5/16
How can you use data from a google sheets document given to students and combine that information into one collective data set? Cory Sullivan 5/4/16
Student Created a Google Classroom The Claudio Zavala 5/3/16
Passed Exam Not Showing in Webassessor Site Clara Alaniz 5/4/16
email notifications on assignment turn-in Lenore Ouellette 5/3/16
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