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Welcome to the Google for Education community.

This is a place to connect and share with other educators about Google’s product offerings in education. The fastest way to find answers is by searching the various product help centers or, if you are a Google Apps for Education customer, contacting support. Your question may already have an answer!

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My drive is not fuounded Lucas Galvao Ahid 12/7/17
Limiting Appointments umcad 12/11/17
1st Grade class that uses same email to log into ChromeBook. Pierre Brown 12/7/17
G Suite for Education - new admin csmalacky 12/7/17
Domain connected to Google Account that is disabled Max Chambers21 12/6/17
No permission to share document---I am listed as teacher.... Christina MacLean 12/5/17
Google Docs Spell Suggestions James.W95 12/5/17
Google My Maps - When adding an overlay from Google Drive Network Error Mary Cummings 12/5/17
A senior leader needs to view all Classrooms. Jon Turley 12/5/17
Does anyone know what domains Google Classroom uses? Michael Brewis 12/5/17
Syncing files that failed to sync IPlayMinecraft 12/5/17
Approved youtube videos show that they are still restricted for 1 student. Jeff Bowman 12/4/17
Google Classroom Stats Abigail Bacon 12/4/17
Public IP address being Blacklisted. Dave Carty 12/5/17
How can I duplicate a class? Jean-Baptiste Gérard 12/4/17
Chromebook license question Mandy Endorf 12/6/17
Invitation I sent does not show on my own calendar Clelie Steckel 12/3/17
Inactive Email All Guardians button and guardians Students page hasan tanni 12/2/17
help me Jeffery Cole 12/2/17
Audio books and google classroom Khristy Herbert 12/1/17
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