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Welcome to the Google for Education community.

This is a place to connect and share with other educators about Google’s product offerings in education. The fastest way to find answers is by searching the various product help centers or, if you are a Google Apps for Education customer, contacting support. Your question may already have an answer!

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what does it mean when your class code is disabled and how do people join Sonic Flashie 10/12/17
classroom issues Christopher_Russell 10/17/17
Google Classroom: Is there a way, or can it be developed, to collapse the list of assignments to just titles? Annette Gregory 10/12/17
Moving files into folders in drive Mary Palombo 10/13/17
Word-document toevoegen als lesmateriaal + bewerken Mario Vlaeminck 10/12/17
Can not add .edu students HaroldCarey 10/11/17
How to enter guardian e-mails Marcus Meskil 10/12/17
I Google classroom summarys Michael Cana 10/10/17
Hi, i've deleted the folder with all my photos from the trash. Can i recover it? I've deleted it 10 minutes ago Tatiana Kim 10/11/17
Drive File Stream on Chromebooks catme 10/10/17
Behavioral Support Concept Lucas McShane 10/10/17
urgent sam5515 10/9/17
Using custom wallpaper in qsuite console does not lock the wallpaper from being changed BCSDDave 10/10/17
Special character or orthographic accent error Cristina R. Abrantes 10/9/17
Students won't load on student page or in assginments Jessie Wiegand 10/9/17
Inviting Students LORETTA ANIEZUE 10/9/17
Google Classroom - "Make a Copy for each Student" dkw1977 10/10/17
E' possibile bloccare la password degli studenti? grazie Francesco Dei Rossi 10/8/17
Remove Teacher from Classroom Primary Coordinator 10/8/17
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