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Welcome to the Google for Education community.

This is a place to connect and share with other educators about Google’s product offerings in education. The fastest way to find answers is by searching the various product help centers or, if you are a Google Apps for Education customer, contacting support. Your question may already have an answer!

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Comment Notifications in Classroom Abigail Bacon 11/30/16
I administered a quiz on Forms, but I cannot see which student submitted which response. Nate Heddleston 11/30/16
Cannot find power wash and Ctr + Alt + Shift + R doesn't work IT Tech777 11/29/16
Does New Primary Domain = Have to Re-enroll Chromebooks? Shaun Creighton (CUSD) 11/28/16
Help Please! KR2 11/28/16
Google Classroom Jerry Travlos 11/28/16
Cannot update to version 1.32.3592.6117 Kam Cheong NG (ITSC) 11/29/16
classroom.google.com/teacher-group. no funciona! Carol Martínez 11/23/16
Can't invite students to a new class? hroberts923 11/22/16
How do I add a second teacher? Rob Butka 11/22/16
Problem of upload and access google drive Chester K.C. Kwan 11/30/16
e signatures in forms Michael Wetzel 11/22/16
Where is my discussion regarding Safesearch.google.com on IPv6? Gibb Johnson 11/23/16
Is possible by using the Google Classroom API create a short answer question? Admin SASLE 11/23/16
Possibility to use Calendar to manage EVERY classroom in a music school? Infinity_ 11/21/16
Showing student names when turning in documents JoAnna Watson 11/21/16
We are using a classroom to conduct a professional book study. Is there a way for all students in the class to see other students' submitted and graded work? JJ Boylan 11/18/16
Scheduling assignments in Classroom? L.Lamb 11/18/16
Chromebooks not wiping and then asking for enterprise enrollment Mooper Films 11/18/16
estadisticas de uso de classroom DANIEL FLORIO 11/17/16
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