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Important announcement: Google Earth help has moved! This Google Earth Help Forum has been changed to read-only and will not accept new posts.

Instead, please visit the Google Maps & Earth Help Forum -- there’s a Google Earth category there for your Google Earth questions and discussions.


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ETA for updated GE fixing Panoramio photo display and fixing library dependency pianoman4Jesus 6/29/14
Photos blank in Fedora Core 20 Jeff Trefftzs 6/20/14
error. When I turn on the road layer Александр Лихачев 6/20/14
why is the google earth download page in arabic? Ronald Wolff 6/18/14
Change in age of images Paul Dougan 6/6/14
google-earth rpm improperly Provides libproj.so.0 Rex Dieter 6/6/14
Overhead Imagery Update Cycle David D Stanton 5/31/14
Error processing dpkg: error processing package google-earth-stable (--install): jeremy.lansman 6/1/14
search result not zooming to destination Steffen Pohle 5/24/14
Replaying Streetview Geoff Lane 5/23/14
Why, oh why is the Linux experience of Google Earth so bad? DaninSA 5/27/14
cannot acess google earth rolbertjs 5/17/14
Having problems with the Artifical Night Sky overlay not displaying correctly mtb54703 5/13/14
Is GE working on any Linux? Which combination should I use? Alfonso Sanchez-Paus 5/7/14
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32bit x86 and Google Earth Kari Honkaharju 6/26/14
Re: Problems in February - it was the video driver Brother Kornhoer X 5/3/14
GoogleEarth on UbuntuStudio 14.04 LTS. no1johnso 5/3/14
Google Earth immediate crash Moses 5/10/14
I use google earth in lubuntu 14.04 and shows only outlines and black screeen eikonikos 5/3/14
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