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How to add a close button to a floating ad created in adobe edge? Carphone Studio 8/28/15
How can I create a Google Web Designer friendly Multidirection Expanding Creative (HTML5)? Steven Lawson 8/18/15
html5 animated wallpaper with floating auto close youtube player Asim Kh 8/3/15
What is the purpose of the isVisible method call in an HTML5 ad Paulette Vallad 7/28/15
HTML5 Rich Media Ad Polite Load Help Please John Stewart RR 8/3/15
HTML5 Exit Doesn't Work Josh Ziering 7/14/15
Why doesn't inline SVG gradients, masks and clip-paths work in Double Click? Simon Mealings 8/3/15
HTML5-based Inpage with floating through Doubleclick studio. Fredrik Pettersson 6/2/15
XMLHTTPRequst fails in DoubleClick Studio kcwoodfield 2/24/15
XMLHTTPRequst fails in DoubleClick Studio kcwoodfield 2/24/15
TV Jfk Bona 2/10/15
Swiffy HTML5 banner file size discrepancy Anél de Bruyn 1/11/15
Myanmar Winwin Minmin 12/9/14
Runs slow Andrea Ripley 1/11/15
The ActionScript method MovieClip.createTextField() is not supported. JGL Ergo 11/30/14
filler events not triggered using HTML5 APIs group1911 10/22/14
How to track clicks for Swiffy banner ad??? dreamerdad 10/20/14
QA Approval Delays? BPDKaren 9/25/14
DOM Level Javascript functions derekskinner 9/15/14
Mobile Click-to-download possible? kcwoodfield 9/15/14
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