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Printing Marla Duncan 7/28/16
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Multiple Slide Editing Karen Early 7/27/16
Google Drive Slides Full Screen Wafa Reyhani 7/26/16
Add mFonts Matthew Godfey 7/23/16
Can I put my video (DVD) into my google presentation? Azumi Cristina Miki 7/23/16
Does anybody know why there are no sound effects for slides? David Gosnell 7/22/16
When click on link to google drive slide I want to show them in full screen Radu Cureteanu 7/22/16
how do i ensure that the written stuff on my slides footer arrives as they written? Sphiwe Miya 7/22/16
how can we add audio to my google slides when I have no internet connection. Shailaja Kulkarni 7/21/16
FONTS!! Doug Newkirk 7/21/16
Is there a way to "pack" or collapse a group of google slides that exist in a presentation Erich Funke 7/21/16
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