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Save Time! Check These Top User Questions in Slides Before Posting a New Thread juln 11/21/13
How can I embed webpages into a slides presentation so I don't have to click on the URL du nanbrony 5:33 AM
Change the background of a google slide Sabrina Oktavelia Tanumiharja 3:59 AM
Link to a certain slide in google docs not working in IE Marie Wallis 1:45 AM
Is there a way to set a permalink to a Google Slides presentation? knecht-o-mat 12:44 AM
Setting a specific start time of Youtube videos in Google slides. iOS drive folder 1/16/17
Presentaion not showing up Tenzing Kelsang 5:45 AM
I'can't paste an image on Safari Pavel Khudov 3:57 AM
Audience Q&A function Shona Okeke 1/16/17
How to change theme colors in the palette (not background color). Florence LUCAS-SC 4:34 AM
how to hide slides in gdocs Presentation? Vishal Nema 1/16/17
Columns in Google Slides Danny Horn 1/16/17
How can I reset the fill color to theme-default? P the B 1/16/17
Setting up a menu EstherGrace Gilbert 1/14/17
Fonts Timothy Joe Mullins 1/14/17
How would one add a text outline, so that one could use any background. BAPS1 1/15/17
How do you embed a real-time clock into a slideshow? Jill Baptist 1/15/17
Printing Published Slides without loosing layout Veronique1 1/13/17
Add Narration over Google Slides Emily Yih 1/13/17
Slides on end of presentation terkro 1/13/17
Animation: click on trigger objects Leo Gudino 1/13/17
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