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CSV export is not exporting all the data Manyu11 7:34 AM
I am unable to use the "Make a Copy" option in slides. Tracy Bates 9/28/16
HELP, I CAN'T LAYER PICTURES UNDER TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MILES MC INTYRE 9/28/16
Google Slides Hank Blaze 6:04 AM
Bullet spacing Ahartland 10:52 AM
Is it possible to use an outlined text format in Google slides? Barry Steil 11:15 AM
Slides: "Group" menu item is greyed out / not in popup Edward Schwarz 10:52 AM
If my slide has inserted links (to my google drive), do I need to grant permission for each link Suzanne Groenewold 9:42 AM
How can I embed webpages in my slides without getting out of my presentation to use them? Jason Hewitt 8:07 AM
How to create hanging indent in Google Slides? Lawrence Mccarter 7:01 AM
how do I get music without youtube on a google slide please let me know by 10/12/16 Cody Scott 399 9/28/16
How do I insert an image from Google Drive into a slide created with iPad Google Slides? Lynn Newkirk SMPS 9/28/16
Accidentally Deleted Presentation in Google Slides Marianna Cacciatore 9/28/16
Identifying which student deleted a slide Leigh Sandlin 9/28/16
Convert more ppt files into slides in one time Denise Tomai 9/28/16
Josefin Sans to Slides? Beth Cole 9/27/16
what happens if my google slides are not working? Sebastian Walsh 9/27/16
How do I change the font size. JONATHAN BUZEK 9/27/16
I cannot regain access to my OG account. Miranda Belle 9/26/16
Charts missing when importing presentation created in ppt to slides Rash G 9/27/16
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