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New in Google Slides: linking in Docs, guides and rulers, and improved commenting PriS 4/20/18
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Horizontal spacing between characters Tirocupidus 11:28 AM
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Rag Status in Slides Tamas Hadaszy 9:49 AM
Different Timed Transitions Different Timed Transitions 6/18/18
How do you modify the color scheme of a template? iamtimanderson 3:43 AM
Got error when sending my presentation on email as PDF attachment. Ivan Kosarekov 5:30 AM
Is there a method to set paragraph formatting as a default? JoelCooper 6/18/18
Video Options Feature rjcohn 5:07 AM
Deleted slides jayce mcgee baynham 6/18/18
Different width of spaces in monospaced fonts Martin Chodúr 6/18/18
Change the beehive background Ben Thom 6/16/18
After downloading a functioning Google Slide show to Power Point. Mike Cerone 6/16/18
Missing Slides Jasmine Gidda - Nelson Mandela PS (1418) 6/16/18
Transferring Ownership Outside of Organization Chelsea 8923 6/18/18
Downloading a Google Slide as a PPT Vladimir Popa 6/15/18
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