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Save Time! Check These Top User Questions in Slides Before Posting a New Thread juln 11/21/13
Where is the slide sorter view? Mollie Freebairn 11:53 AM
How can I embed a non-Youtube video into my presentation? ogle 10:35 AM
how do set up timing for my slides Rashelle Ibrahim 9:08 AM
Unable to use keyboard on slide Klayton Rumph 3/5/15
How do you change the theme or master slide for 1 slide Advaith 3/5/15
How can I make my slides move manually? Constance Douglas 3/5/15
how do i zoom out???? Emilia DeSanctis 3/5/15
Resize objects in Slides Ryan Chng 3/5/15
When will we be able to add music, narration, voice, etc to Google Slides, Presentation? Lindy Kirkham 3/5/15
gracie freudenthals question Gracie Freudenthal 3/5/15
My students images are no longer showing up in the Slides Presentation LISANNE MANZI 3/5/15
How do you add music that will last throughout the slideshow, not just one slide? Peter Dagata 3/5/15
Text Chris Hoefs 3/4/15
Google Slides Published Presentation not staying Full Screen on Chromebook/Chromebox mrrraven 3/4/15
Slide Show Student Sharing Amber Crotts 3/4/15
Can't Find my Presentation? Landry Dacke 3/4/15
about my computer and chromebook Melanie Alexander 3/3/15
Edits to shared Slides/PPT presentation on ipad Anna Pardo 3/3/15
How do I hide a slide in Gdoc Presentation? Robert Martinot 3/3/15
How to put in background music in my slides without a Youtube video . Kennedy Ingram 3/3/15
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