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Save Time! Check These Top User Questions in Slides Before Posting a New Thread juln 11/21/13
Slides Q&A url NixM 3:40 PM
Request For Features louiedooey 12:30 PM
how do we collect our highlights Megan Snyder1 9:38 AM
Google slides won't insert my video. Kimberly Nash 7:30 AM
G-Slides: links from one slide to another, hidden formatting? Mel Ai 2:35 PM
set slide as template? Erin Lewis 12:56 PM
How do I share a presentation in Present Mode? MrsKelly43 11:39 AM
Google Slide: Import Chart from a particular Sheet is Disabled jonathanwu222 9:31 AM
How do I take off the capital letter in the slides txt box? Clara Intelexia 10/20/16
Hide or erase comment Frédérique Pichot 6:08 AM
What should the page range look like when I go to print several pages from the same doc? Ashlee B. 4:51 AM
Add footnote to slides donna.carter 10/20/16
Upload batch to Slides Peter Shafran 10/20/16
File not password protected but told it is Kay Morgan-Gurr 10/19/16
Viewing edited work from multiple editors on google slides Stephr28 10/20/16
Google Slides and Notability Colleen Ford 10/20/16
Is there a way to add a link to a different slide to a slide? Like a quick link? Taylor Hurles 10/20/16
Presenter View = not able to advance slide and stay in presenter view Marylou Buell 10/19/16
in slides how do you convert a block of copy from uppercase to lowercase? Simon Sá Feio 10/19/16
Why isn't the Slides presentation I created on my iPhone not showing all the slides Susan Kernaghan 10/19/16
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