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Email when documents uploaded Gary Harvey 1/9/12
Incorrect Conversion of PDF to Docs format PeteSomebody 1/7/12
cannot import google templates from google wedding list (i receive a message sorry document cannot be imported at this time) mocu 1/5/12
I tried to copy paste data from a google spreadsheet into excel, but as my numbers included commas, they were split into separate cells (eg 1,343,434 => 3 cells). Paste Value won't help tomaso67 1/7/12
Language doesn't change WillemWielen 9/15/09
can not share cxn 3/17/09
How do you import something from Google Spreadsheet to Google Documents? joseph1515 12/24/09
Can I import PPT made on a Mac? deecee000 1/10/10
Images disappearing willfarrant 4/8/10
Presentation cannot be opened in ME PowerPoint viewer or Open Office Impress Tasks_Enthusiast 3/5/09
Japanese words in Text field change into garbage kuniyukitetsuya 10/9/09
Is there anywhere I find a sent email in googledocs? crystaljhoffman 10/26/09
How do I export incremental slides to PPT/PDF in Google Docs Presentation mtveerman 5/5/09
How do I change the language of the Google Presentations app when it is offered thru another web site? Mben 6/22/09
how do you translate english to french and french to english emails lorainewills 9/26/09
I have a word 97 file that I have uploaded in the past. cwnut 11/1/09
Document corruption Kim SJ 10/25/10
Presentatino help? Ufaladufadu 9/17/09
I get an unknown error message when trying to open one of my spreedsheets- other docs are ok. Cleared cache greenworks 12/9/09
Align, rotate, distribute and center your objects in Google Docs presentations Steve 2/19/09
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