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need to turn off the slide bar that appears on google presentations Keith Blue 3:36 AM
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How do I avoid distortion of Word documents stored in Google Drive and reopened? tony_b 12:16 AM
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Multiple presentations with passing grade only, otherwise repeat presentation... Luis D. IMC 4/18/14
use query function to sort (alphabetically) AL:) 4/18/14
Percentage of Margin Gordon Bullard 4/18/14
find last entry of each month Mattrx 4/18/14
Changing format to lay out in book format amys class 4/18/14
Text editing Scott Connolly 4/18/14
How to Count Unique Values From a Repeated List in Priority with a Cell - Google Sheets Saqib Q 4/18/14
Time Stamp Missing in Revision History Terry Olesen 4/18/14
New Google Sheets to email when a cell is equal or greater than 5000 SDRT 4/18/14
Locking a spreadsheet nancyca 4/18/14
Conditional counting of occurrences in the past month, last month and year to date. DHoffman1 4/18/14
Get data from Google Spreadsheet and show values in Google Document Gerben van Erkelens 4/18/14
cannot read property "source" from undefined Marvin Futch 4/18/14
Spreadsheet symbol cheryldianne 4/18/14
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