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i saw sorting options related post of 2016 year.on 28th may 2017,still no sorting options Samir Dudhgaonkar 5:48 AM
Conditional Formatting cells based on how many times it appears in separate Column Alex Mmmmmm 4:51 AM
Google Keep recovering old version of note Alex DD. 4:40 AM
I can't open old google doc files! Help!! Ta Xh 5:21 AM
Google Keep: recovery of note before editing Alex DD. 4:32 AM
Log-log plot in Google Spreadsheets loglog 3:10 AM
How to use importrange/vlookup to accumulate (historical) data in one spreadsheet from a s GCD Coordinator 9:51 PM
how do i delete my trash file? Zip Winston 4:00 AM
Way to sort range containing merges Isaac King 5/27/17
Generating More Reports Paul Barley Chito 6:08 AM
Document outline help Michael Cotignola 4:16 AM
Google Sheets - How to Hide Data from Viewers Ong Kah Kien 5/27/17
Posting slideshows on the internet. Cadence Treichel 5:28 AM
How to Split a String by Delimiter up to Max Character Limit WilliamWinterkamp 5/27/17
Please help me create these calculations!!! Ari A 10:22 AM
Remove white box from copied text in Google Docs - possible? YaniZak 4:11 AM
Arrayformula to return null value for empty cells. Tacitus Majoris 5/27/17
Cell value matching last submitted value from form FlyWithJeff 5:46 PM
Transfer a Macro from Excel to Google Sheets B Har 5/27/17
can I do a conditional importrange? R. S. tournaments 5/27/17
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