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November 2015 new Forms style - Today's date button is missing Alec McCartney 11/26/15
Nesting RANK, IF, & AND Functions pelcj11 11/26/15
Add Google API Credentials to a Google Sheets Script Simon Robinson 11/26/15
How to set the parameter to google form and confirm it in the spread sheet. Yoshigatto 11/26/15
How to makes access to the Google Forms by account, allowed many responses from one user? Zagros Technics 11/26/15
Problem with surveys Francesco Scavone 11/26/15
i have amount and date row so if i put sum date means amount ill change to zero how to do? K.M Sundar 11/26/15
Data validation and If function Zorigtbaatar B 11/26/15
How can I get envelope (#10) "paper sizes" in Google Docs? Bill Kammerer 11/26/15
I've seen it but can't figure it out Jonathan Balog 11/25/15
How do you get a reference cell in sheets to stay on a specific cell instead of moving with the data in the cell? Aj Siebert 11/26/15
losing comments when copying sheets Jarod Armstrong 11/25/15
Is there a way to invert picture colors? Brandon Vicheck 11/26/15
Don't know how to indent...? Zofia Stroniarz 11/26/15
Sum if row contains part of a value in a single reference cell. Cynthia Blake 11/26/15
Is there a setting to make a "second starting point" from which you can write? Zofia Stroniarz 11/26/15
Return Google Sheets Query to a single cell as a comma-separated list Will McInnes 11/25/15
Summary of Responses Sarah Garr 11/25/15
How to hide values from last year and continue for next year with the same sheet? Zenia Llamas 11/25/15
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