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Would like help with a script that will update old data, like a find and replace. repins2004 8:45 AM
Create Button?? Desiree Schell 2:17 PM
Viewing responses Kyle Chambers 8:28 AM
Week plan_Count week that is converted from dates Daniel Bergheim 11:26 AM
How to parse JSON data from Facebook Graph API query with multiple URLs/objects? drew.birnie 8:26 AM
Help with formula for attendance sheet Zev Fuchs 1:06 PM
Formula or script to return the document reference WilliamLee75000 7:51 AM
I'd like to manually enter responses to a Google Survey. Dianne Dugan 8:45 AM
Validating submissions with existing submissions Athfan Khaleel 7:45 AM
Validating submissions with existing submissions Athfan Khaleel 3:04 PM
IMG function pictures are not visible on pdf preview Tolga Murtezaoglu 9:44 AM
Can I create labels? Rhonda Mohamed-Rogers 7:49 AM
Trying to autogenerate a unique ID for every form entry... Rue Baker 8:06 AM
Can Google Sheets automatically insert the users name into a cell? Lyan Juarbe 7:24 AM
How do I unlink 2 computers when typing in google docs? cbe library 8:12 AM
Sort Data, Automatic Subtotal (Customer balance detail report) Thush_PBO 7:32 AM
Circles in Slides Victo Leroux 7:19 AM
How to count multiple-choice answers on an individual level? Fredrik Holmgren Holm 7:40 AM
Is there a way to add information to a google form after someone submits it to you? jkuhn1 5:56 AM
Automatic Subtotal - Based on changes in conditions Thush_PBO 3:09 PM
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