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Lookup function not working correctly.... csmith461 4/23/14
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Best way to consolidate multiple rows of data in multiple tabs? Graham Watts 4/23/14
Check if a value occurs in a multiple ranges of cells and sum the number of occurences? Cmoodychs 4/23/14
Protecting data on one sheet when it is removed from another sheet Bonnie Pshyk 4/23/14
SUMIF a date is entered using set rates Brandy Bowser 4/23/14
Will you ever modify oogle docs to allow a different header on page 2? diego.deleon 4/23/14
How do you get rid of an un wanted table on your page?!? B Simo 4/23/14
What's so hard about enabling two-column layouts in Google Docs? ianbt7 4/23/14
How to make a self-updating sheet that combines the data of several others Plymouth Library 4/23/14
Concatenate only unique values from multiple rows that share a common identifier Yudi Friedman 4/23/14
iPad Google presentation Joshua Sager 4/23/14
parse error on go Leslie Pimentel 4/23/14
Why doesn't this work in Excel? ScottWilliams324 4/23/14
how to make calendar be incorporated with sheets or something else kathy chi 4/23/14
Concatenation of a string from a dropdown list GoogleGG 4/23/14
Creating a win/loss cell for multiple persons. matt l ward 4/23/14
Add Every 4th Cell In A Row MDOWELL 4/23/14
parse error in spreadsheet Leslie Pimentel 4/23/14
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