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Issue with grouping just one column Ub4 3:20 PM
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Conditional Format Rule to include or Jennifer Lopez AAP 3:01 PM
How can I change the page order of a document that has been merged together? Jayme Bentley 1:35 PM
Query Import Range with exceptions LaurenBrown82 1:34 PM
summing a column based on a date range smmul 6:00 PM
=QUERY(Students!A:F, "select B, E, D where C='Bowen'",1) How do I add a Count row to this? Gmail and Outlook working together... 12:47 PM
Query formula instead SUMIFS Pavel Vorontsov 11:40 AM
Heeeeeelp!!!! Akira2808 11:20 AM
How do students reopen a submitted form to finish answering from one session to another? Mikal Downs 10:59 AM
Is there a way to create a copy of a form to share with someone? Jennifer Lederle 11:14 AM
Create a dropdown data validation from multiple columns by searching an array for a value Cosmitz 10:33 AM
Can slides present having the audience see the presentation, with my notes 4 me onlaptop? Christopher Mulligan 3:12 PM
How do I get dynamic subtotals from an array? Ruari Mears 5:06 PM
(Probably) a COUNTIFS question SDR Co-ordinator 10:56 AM
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