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Populate an excel spreadsheet w/a spreadsheet on Google Drive ScottWilliams324 3:50 PM
How do I force a copy with the "new" google sheets? KLZA 3:39 PM
reference two cells into a third Nambi Kumar 3:37 PM
Locking forms from unauthorized editing Anne - North Star 3:35 PM
how can i lock my form so only viewers can answer my questions, not change the question. Stan Whiteman 3:33 PM
I have overwritten a spreadsheet populated by a googledocs form. How do I get it back? Angie McGee 3:32 PM
=IF (block a1 = anything other than empty, 0 BBTOP12 3:29 PM
How to make a self-updating sheet that combines the data of several others Plymouth Library 3:17 PM
As is all word processing apps. : Where's in Google Docs is the DATE tool?????? hlevy 2:34 PM
Convert a Google spreadsheet to a form automatically Juniat Thomas 2:18 PM
Count number of occurrences in column? And display with labels. Gillermo 2:17 PM
How to control continue next page [email address] 2:01 PM
Can we edit the color and type of charts/graphs for the "summary of responses" section? Jayeeta 1:57 PM
Need to modify a script to hide rows with values in G column... Jana Pierce 1:43 PM
Paste text from another app Mateus Guerra 1:38 PM
Why does vlookup sometimes fail with Google Form Timestamps? Isai Alvarado 1:36 PM
How do I get word count at bottom of Pages document? Peter Breit 1:36 PM
Another option may be out there? nancyca 1:27 PM
My MATCH function returns a different results depending on where it is in my spreadsheet! Rebekah Hynson 1:24 PM
Any way to merge results of a "query" statement with manually-entered rows of data? adt2 1:23 PM
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