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Could you add Dyslexie font to your list? Noah Cohen 2/23/15
Open Dyslexic font Marianne Mink 2/23/15
sort by user DDewhurst 2/22/15
Docs Textbox ElimAdam 2/22/15
Feature Suggestion: Make the "+" circle draggable Kiril Stanoev 2/22/15
Typewriter animation in Google Docs Powerpoint Trey Lyon 2/21/15
Maintain cell-locking properties in new copies of a file Martín Gómez 2/21/15
Hyperlink on confirmation page Jason Lehmbeck 2/21/15
Love Dev Narayan Koch 2/21/15
Feature Request: Save Spreadsheet With Filtered View Enabled Robert Wicker 2/21/15
Programming support request for Google Apps Script in Forms - Divergent Logic Memige Den Adel 2/20/15
Landscape mode in Chrome/Mac. It worked! Charity.Roberts 2/20/15
Will google be adding more features to slides? Patricia Carbone 2/20/15
AUTO CORRECT Emanuel H 2/20/15
compiled final document that indicates contributions by all authors in different colors? Barbara Dorritie 2/20/15
In G-doc using Chrome: "Controls hidden. Press ESC to show controls" stuck Michael Moon 2/19/15
to make slides theme better Josie Thompson 2/19/15
Docs missing the standard windows shift-delete shortcut for Cut timfoden 2/19/15
Page breaks Mary Helen Krofta 2/19/15
[SUGGESTION] Google Docs in gaming, troubleshooting privacy issue Jan Dennis Schmutz 2/19/15
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