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How do I extract certain text from a string of data? The Macho Man 1:09 PM
Print GRADED responses in Google Forms. Melanie Tatom 1:00 PM
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How to change a cell based off another cells info Chris Josephson 11:35 AM
How do i search for the largest amount of wins and then show who has that amount? Miika Kilpeläinen 11:31 AM
Search duplicates with condition AnthonySmith3332 11:22 AM
printing Bonnie Rende 11:18 AM
Delivery ticket Maker / Manifest / Order Completion Work in Progress [Need Help] Darien Lyons 10:59 AM
Nested Functions inside logical statements Marc Santini 10:58 AM
Formula to change cell colour based on date Brock Hoyt 10:56 AM
Is it possible to put text over an arrow, like in Chemical equations that have catalysts? Lucas Shepherd 10:49 AM
Query / Import Range to select dates. Q Miller 10:45 AM
Counting working days without holidays (if its on a non working day) SearchAndDestroy 10:43 AM
Copying row of data to new spreadsheet based on text in certain column davieboy_cze 10:33 AM
It won't let me choose another font beside the ones they give you, can anyone fix this? Hope VanVlymen 10:31 AM
How do I make a countdown in days for a date with weekends and holidays? yoyoman0909 10:31 AM
updates applied to doc link after shareable link submitted to class site? Lomat20 10:16 AM
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