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Проблема с открытием документа, прошу помощи Василий Коваленко 2:51 PM
I created a Form and from it created a Sheets for responses. I cannot find the Form Hpdorf 2:46 PM
Copy a row from a master sheet to another sheet Matthew Cislo 2:45 PM
Line indentation anomaly lizholl 2:43 PM
How do i turn off header and footer on google docs so it is not on my page at all? Lucy Harris1111111 2:27 PM
XPath predicates Andrei Gebauer 2:12 PM
My google form is getting frozen on the first page when people try to fill it out. Kelsey Goldberg 2:06 PM
Sorting 2 Sheets in a Google Sheet Jean-Francois Dugal 2:01 PM
extract data to display on another sheet based on match criteria Claud5 1:50 PM
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