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google sheets does not display £ signs when downloaded as a pdf Sarah Gent 2:15 PM
Auto splitting 1 Row into Multiple Rows Oliver Patterson 2:14 PM
Why isn't there a way to change the border thickness of a cell? l altstadt 1:56 PM
Google Doc not printing Heather Callahan _ Staff - UnderwoodES 1:07 PM
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place photos into folder Sortitionist 12:35 PM
Linking Google Speadsheet to the existing MS Excel file Alex D Zakharov 12:18 PM
My last game statistics showing + / - Viktor Strindin 12:17 PM
Why won't my documents print? Rachel WW 11:51 AM
Two issues with Google Keep Anthony Cap 11:49 AM
Google script for formula to count coloured cells has stopped working Alistair Fraser 11:44 AM
Building a formula that builds a URL with variables from cells (which will be keywords). BenOHanlon 11:28 AM
Detect if a Sheet contains a word Crash250 11:26 AM
How to split cells in GoogleDoc tables, especially since there is an option to merge them Vpkent 11:09 AM
Capital Letter Julie Lauzon 11:06 AM
How do I keep two documents open at the same time? dianemie 11:01 AM
Borders. BORDERS. dianemie 10:51 AM
Account Recovery is not available for your account. muraliweb 10:27 AM
Why no native SVG support in Google Docs ? Joel Schaal (Dental Wings) 10:12 AM
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