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Backfill Video inventory wish Ad-Exchange Chirag N. Raval 6/3/15
Dynamic Allocation Chirag N. Raval 6/3/15
Tips for Campaign under-delivery Chirag N. Raval 7/27/15
Data Transfer cost and revenue variables Bram Poppink 10/8/15
Me Lisa principle 10/7/15
Which Ad Safe tag do i append to an image in DFP? Cynthia Ramos 10/8/15
different statistic via Google Analytics / DFP Report Patrick Krisch 10/7/15
HTML5 in iframe - how to insert the tracking macro Daniel Warnicke 10/6/15
Problem in adding new creatives. Vijay Vanecha 10/2/15
Ad Blocked Impression Counts jonhenninger 10/2/15
What Creative Types can be served using a Simplified URL tag Arcadia Online Games 10/1/15
ad.doubleclick hangs YouTube on Safari Erich Walrath 9/30/15
Site Breaking bug using DFP cstu 9/30/15
Responsive Ad sizes not serving at correct window width? Patrick de la Torre 9/30/15
HTML5 swiffy banner issue in uploading in DFP. Vijay Vanecha 9/30/15
Generate site URL to preview specific creative B.V 9/30/15
No response from sales team VU Mobile 9/29/15
Problem with uploading an HTML file Silvia Pedron 9/29/15
Click Tag Error in Validator? tejesh tejesh 9/28/15
In SYNC mode, how can I define an ad onload, but only display after a click event Aris D 9/28/15
DFP SB Inventory forecasting vs DFP Premium Future Sell Sergey Kvach 9/25/15
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